Do you ever wish they bring back the Box and/or the Purse?

  1. I love my 04' Lilac Classique, but I would love to have another one in the Box or the Purse style.....has balenciaga ever discontinued a style and then brought it back again?
  2. Yes, I've often wished that they would when looking through the style reference section. Especially the box!
  3. i wish that they would bring back the purse style.. that bag seems like its just the perfect size..
  4. Yes, the box! Such a cute and different style.
  5. the box, i'd like to one one, especially cause i've lost the possibility to buy one a few tima ago :crybaby:
  6. YES! i wish i could buy a Box. Such a cute shape! sigh.:sad:
  7. They def need to bring back the box and the purse. Such cute and practical styles!!!
  8. No :smile:

    I'm a city girl. But I would love if the brought bag oval and porte monnaie. :smile:
  9. Love my box, it looks so classy and cute, I wish they would bring it back!
  10. i only own box's and a purse...the box is such a great bag. i really want an oval clutch as well...
  11. I love my box too! I don't know if I'll ever get a First because I carry too much stuff, but I think a Purse would be big enough and I wish it would come back.
  12. I missed the Purse until they brought out the Step. I now prefer the Step over the Purse. I have never found a replacement for the Box. I have tried to love the Twiggy, but it's a bit too long to carry by the shoulder strap. The Box didn't have that sagging affect in the middle. I miss that extra long strap on the Box too! I used to buy a First and a Box in the same colour and change over the shoulder strap depending on my outfit!
  13. I loved the box! Personally I understand why they discontinued the purse, compared to other bags it just didn't measure up. And I guess they dropped the box because of similarities to the twiggy, I bet it didn't make sense economically.
  14. I love the Purse. I think it's the perfect size, and it fits over the shoulder nicely. I wish they'd bring it back, or make the handles on the City longer. I think the Box is really cute too, but now that I got used to the flatter bags like the Purse and City, I think I'd feel funny carrying it.
  15. The Purse yes, the Box not so much, but God how I wish they would bring back the mini mini coin purse.