Do you ever wish people could just be GOOD?

  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I was shopping at the Saks Company Store for myself. I love to buy myself stuff there for the good deals. A lot of people go there to buy and resell on eBay. And I have no doubt that they need to buy and resell. They are all so friendly and we have so much fun, and they like to ask me my advise because I know about good brands and what they should cost, and if they're getting a good deal. I was talking to one man one day, and he thanked me so much for being so nice to him. This seems so awful but I got the impression that it was because I was white, and dressed nicely, and he was older, african-american, and from the city. Then he commented that I was such a kind person. I told him I was very lucky because I was surrounded by good people, and that we should all help each other out. Then he commented that that was nice and he wished he knew more good people.

    I'm not niave - I know there are evil people out there. Like the Hitlers of the world, and the Stalins, and the child molesters, and the smaller evil people that harbor evil feelings in their heart. But I felt so sad that this man met friendly people so infrequently that he would thank me for it. What a sad world.

    I believe that most people are good - but it's so sad that the few evil ones can beat us down.
  2. In answer to your question, YES, YES, YES!!! I have always wished that everyone could just be nice & stop all the evil in the world but alas that is a pipe dream!
    I will never understand why people need to be evil, they sure cannot be happy people within themselves!
    So nice that man showed his appreciation of you!
  3. While I agree that I wish there were more nice people in the world, did you ever think that maybe he was being nice to you just because he was a nice person and race was not involved???:wtf: :idea:

    I hate to be rude in any way but I find that comment to be offensive.
  4. I dont think she stated it to offend anyone.....sometimes things like this happen....its sad.
  5. I didn't get anything racist at all from her remarks. Quite the opposite, in fact.
  6. I think the message she is saying is good but the one comment I found to be offensive. Not trying to attack the OP or anything. I don't think she was being purposely hurtful...or at least I hope she wasn't, anyway :smile:
  7. *My apologizes to the OP if I took her comment the wrong way* :smile:
  8. I dont wish people to be good...I wish I could help change them for the better... cuz unfortunately most cases of people that arent very pretty inside are not going to change but continue to be sour in this world
  9. I agree with you....

    But...I think that its one thing to be nice and wayyy another to have good intentions and act in that way in ones life.....I wish that more people did that.....then this world would be a whole lot brighter.....
  10. I know what you mean, I wasn't expecting that reference either. It's OK, no harm done! It's good to have lots of insights!

    I sometimes think that city people are more reserved and some of us are not so much...out here in MN you hear the "Minnesota Nice" expression a lot. People are just considered nice here, but this state is more "rural" than urban-IMO. There are nice folks and reserved folks everywhere.
  11. Hi, sorry, that came out wrong. I didn't mean it as a race thing - more that people didn't treat him with respect because they think he is uneducated. My apologies!
  12. Well, never mind - just ignore the whole reference. I am just digging myself into a hole.
  13. That is sad tho, I agree, that someone would be so thankful for something so simple.
  14. umm.. this is going to be very random and very off topic but what is the Saks Company Store? Is it like a place to shop for people who work for Saks Fifth Avenue. Kinda like a sample sale?
  15. I do also thank people who are being nice, also in something that is normally the rule like stop your car to let a pedestrian go accross a street, I do thank the automobilist just in hope to encourage them to do it again, like I really noticed what they did !
    And sometimes I will purposely be nice and smiling to a person that is so unfriendly to bring out the "good" of them and it works more often that what you would think !! like Sa's....treat people like you would like to be treated or show them the "example" and you are a good person, I feel like being an "Amelie" sometimes