Do you ever wish for a particular bag because a celebrity has it? Be honest now!

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  1. I am wondering if I am the only one with this temptation - to get a certain bag because some celebrity has it. In my case, its a blue jean birkin. I put it completely out of my mind and then, wham, I see some actress photographed with it. Seriously, my life couldnt be more different, from, say, Lindsey Lohan or Victoria Beckham. (I am middle aged and work on Wall Street - the only drug in my birkin bag is Advil - the only tatoos I have are the wash-off kind that you get at the South Street Seaport). Please tell me that I am not by myself.

    Of course, the fact that I am tempted doesnt mean that I give in. At least not yet.

    While it is embarrassing to admit that I would actually be influenced by the fact that, uh, Lindsay Lohan has a blue jean birkin, I dont think there is anything wrong with that fact, necessarily. After all, she (and other celebs who are bj birkin bearers) obviously has a great stylist.
  2. I sometimes have the opposite reaction, LOL, it depends on the celebrity!
  3. actually no-i learned about Hermes years before I could afford it. I have always loved the look of the bags, scarves etc. Plus I am a great admirer of the the old hollywood stars like grace kelly which is probably where i first learned (noticed) about Hermes.........that and my grandmothers scarves.

    Maybe its a tad sour grapes.....a tad envy......I am not sure exactly but when I see celebs with Hermes bags for example I am a little annoyed. Lindsay Lohan is a low class trashy nothing to me. Victoria Beckham is an anorexic narcissistic twit..............I find it disturbing that they are so unoriginal quite frankly. I love to see someone with one and nicely dressed with a friendly smile and the next week with a barnes and noble bag and their children. Kind of like Julia Roberts. I have seen her with a blue jean birkin but more often than not with nothing particular. she isnt a living breathing 24 hour show. I hate that. I see a BJ birkin and would like to have one b/c they are gorgeous but I have never wanted somthing b/c some celebrity has one. An example is that silly Fendi Spy bag.............every celeb had one though I dont get it. I always get Hermes!:smile:
  4. seeing a beautiful celeb certainly makes the clothing they wear, the bag they carry, etc. look that much more stylish. when i saw vb's black chevre sellier kelly, i thought 'that's the bag for me!'. but then i have to stop and imagine MYSELF carrying the bag, and then i reality sets in...
  5. You make a good point - I know I am dating myself here, but I wanted a birkin bag before Lindsay Lohan or Kate Moss were even born - just not a BLUE one :smile:

    For some reason I also have the opposite (inotherwords, an adverse) reaction to some things because a celebrity has them too - balenciaga bags being a good example of that - no offense to Paris Hilton, but after seeing pictures of her with the motorcycle bag or whatever its called, in about twenty different colors, I feel like saying "OK, I got the point"
  6. not exactly but i did start to covet a purple chanel after i saw a pic of misha barton wearing it here on tpf. i didn't want it because she had it but i had never seen it before i saw the pic of her and i loved the bag, period. and now i own it. yay! not the exact one but the same color.
  7. I think it's a matter of liking something -- and then seeing it 'in action' creates more of a lust for it...I know for me it's not even celebs as much as the girls here on the PF lol!!! I see it and want it all the time!!!! Slowly am getting exactly what works best for me though....
  8. I love to see bags,clothing on every one. Especially the great modeling pictures from the purse forum here.I have no problem seeing a celeb or other carrying a bag,and then me reasearching it.Maybe in a different color or size for me.I won't buy it because someone else has it.I buy because I like the way it looks, and it caught my eye!Just like that vert olive color I've seen around here lately I gotta get me some of that!
  9. Shoes you said it perfectly.^^Seeing it "in action" that is what it is all about for me.
  10. For some reason I also have the opposite (inotherwords, an adverse) reaction to some things because a celebrity has them too - balenciaga bags being a good example of that - no offense to Paris Hilton, but after seeing pictures of her with the motorcycle bag or whatever its called, in about twenty different colors, I feel like saying "OK, I got the point"[/quote]

    thanks for the belly laugh!:roflmfao:
  11. Now be nice. To each his/her own.

  12. they are what they are --i dont need to say it. it was to provide context for my response. everyone knows what Lindsay Lohan is.........perception is reality. actions speak louder than words..........etc etc
  13. I'm not going to start a fight but I'd suggest using caution when talking about people you don't even know. You only see their life in the tabloids and the media. Until you spend a year with VB, you have no right to make a judgment that she is an anorexic narcissistic twit. Finally, many ladies on this forum have and love the Fendi Spy. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's silly.

  14. I think some of it, at least for me, is the attraction of a life that seems* more frivolous and irresponsible - like the guys on "Entourage" - they wander around all day doing stupid stuff and yet everything somehow magically works out for them (yes, I know, its HBO, its not real). I am not complaining mind you - my life is certainly full of excitement and happiness, but it lacks a certain - uh - frivolity. I suppose there is a balance here - if I got a blue jean birkin, it would add some lightheartedness to my somewhat "serious" life

    * I say "seems" because obviously - Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham - they all have responsiblities - they all work - they have family responsibilities, including for Moss and Beckham, motherhood. I dont know any of these women and I am not saying their lives are carefree, I am just talking about [the illusion of] what the photographs of them evoke.
  15. All the time, but I think it's got more to do with the fact that their pictures are out there for people to see, rather then celecrity style. Like toonie I've been obsessed with vert olive since seeing it here on the forum. I don't know, I think it's just greed :Push: I see something I like and go like this :nuts: It doesn't really matter who's picture it is.