Do you ever wear shoes in colors other than the basics?

  1. Do you wear shoes in colors like green, blue, purple, yellow? If you own a pair, how often to you wear them?
  2. I don't wear "wild" colored shoes just because they don't really go with my overall style but I think they are really cute on a lot of people.
  3. I own quite a few lime greens, sky blues, pink, electric blue, mustard yellows and some purple shoes... and even some pairs of leopard prints...

    many of the brighter colors, I usually wear them with very basic color clothes like whites, blacks or even browns (with "dirty" purple is cool). Leopard prints I wear with bronze, browns and blacks and usually set off with a focus color shirt or belt (orange, ochre or golden/pumkin brown etc.).

    I love playing with colors, but don't do "gypsy brights".... just not my style.
  4. I have a pair of plum colored shoes, and I own two things to go with them. I don't wear them often though.
  5. I'm intimidated by vivid colored shoes. I think they have a very young look. I do wear animal prints and metallics because they compliment my wardrobe. BTW, I'm 36.
  6. Yes, probably most of my shoes are in non-basic colors. I like a pop of color. But I probably wear "basic" colored shoes the same percentage as non-basic colored shoes.
  7. Other than flip flops, I have raspberry colored Uggs. That's about it, though. I really only wear flip flops and Uggs so there isn't much room for variety.
  8. I'm starting to experiment w/ color in my shoes. I got lime green Tory Burch flats and a pair of orange TB sandals for spring/summer.
  9. I just bought a pair of purple flats. I don't normally wear bright shoes, but they were cheap enough for me to give it a try.
  10. i wear them with my basic-colored clothes to give them a 'pop' of color

  11. Yes! :yes:
    I have a bright green pair of Tod's ballerina. They are great for summer and I wear them with total black and I usually add a touch of green (not so bright! LOL) with hair accessory. I also wear them with total brown and monogram Speedy 25.

    If you are interested I can add pics, but I bought them on 2005. They are still great! :tup:
  12. Yup, love to wear crazy shoes with an otherwise unremarkable outfit!
  13. My only non-basic color shoe is my dark purple manolo blahnik sandals. I wear them alot with jeans. I haven't been bold enough to try bright colors.
  14. ^ :yes: I do this too.
    I have shoes and bags in almost every color of the rainbow and then mostly neutral clothes.
  15. I feel the same. I am...47, but a Young 47!! I do wear pops of color in tops. There is a pair of MB's I just posted pics of in a Bordeaux. It;s a new thread "What do you think of these two Blanhiks" I think that color would not be so loud.