Do you ever wear a HS as a headwrap as in

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  1. Over the past several scarf seasons, the scarf models for have often been shown wearing scarves as a 70's style headwrap, a headband, or securing a ponytail hairstyle. The basic [diagonal] fold often demonstrated by SA's, or HS worn as ascots or girl-scout style tend not to be shown. Have the models inspired anyone to wear HS as a head or hair wrap (excluding an Audrey Hepburn triangle tied under the chin)? Should the HS be modeled differently on
  2. Not me. hehehe. I'm all thumbs when it comes to tying them regularly as it is. :P
    I'd like to see it tied on the neck so I can get a better idea of how the patterns show when worn especially if I'm buying from Some of the pics shown them tied not only as a head wrap but as a belt which obscured the patterns even more.
  3. Nope. I wear my scarf mostly around my neck and occasionally as a belt. That's about it.
  4. never. the silk just slides off my head anyway even if i tried and i'm definitely not going to put bobby pins on my silks.

  5. That's my problem, too, loves. Silk just slides right off as a headwrap; only cotton scarves stay on.

  6. Good points Fabfashion.

    Just about all the women I know spend a fortune putting highlights, lowlights, or hair extensions in their hair, plus of course keeping an attractive cut. Who would want to wad a scarf around their head unless they are at the beach?

    The first thing I do when I get my hands on a HS at the boutique is to do the basic fold. If the HS looks good like that, it's halfway to being sold.
  7. I do . . . quite a lot. Usually I use the simple bias fold and knot underneath and it stays the whole day—indeed, it's the easiest way to deal with my hair. I plan on experimenting more this spring . . .

    I love scarves in hair and am welcoming the inspiration . . .

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  8. Wow, you are talented! I could never get the silks to stay in my hair - far too slippery. Gorgeous K, btw!
  9. I find it a bit hard to be inspired by any drawing :smile:

    I prefer to see what it's like IRL, as on my own head, YKWIM? And on my own head no silk scarf ever stayed tied longer than one minute.....
  10. Oh dear! Throughout my 16 months as an H scarf wearer, I have not seen ONE person in my city wearing a scarf as a headband or headwrap!:nuts:
  11. I wear mine in the 'turban' and got the idea from H - it hides the awful bits of my growing out hair. I do have to retie it maybe a couple times over the day though

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  12. You ladies look fabulous! For me, however, it's hard to pull off a headscarf without feeling like I'm channeling my grandmother, who used to wear one on days when her hair was not "done." :lol:
  13. I have not done so yet, but I do plan on wearing my Maxi Twillies in my hair this way during this Spring/Summer... hope it's not a galactic fail...

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  14. I think long hair is a big asset in using HS as headbands this way. I predict it's gonna look great on you.
  15. arabesques and mariaaa, I love how you both do the headscarf--so pretty. :smile: I use headbands on bad hair day or when grocery shopping, I wonder if H makes/ever made a silk headband? It'd be easier for me than having to wrap it myself and with my straight hair the silk will probably slip off.