Do You Ever Want to Start Over?

  1. Anyone? Do you ever get this urge to just purge everything...and just start anew! And by everything...I mean the material possessions we own!

    Lately I've been in a funk (not a depression...doesn't qualify for that)....and just want to go through all my possessions and sell it all....put it all in a special account and start over. Make smarter decisions in my purchases...and learn from mistakes.
    Sometimes it feels like I am carrying baggage from early in my marriage when hubby & I sucked at managing money and made stupid financial decisions!

    Anyone ever want to just have a clean slate??? Or am I just crazy?
  2. I think a lot of people feel that way at times. And I know people who have done that, to some degree, not exactly getting rid of everything, but maybe 75% and starting fresh.
  3. ^^^wonder if it works for them???

    I don't know what my funky mood has been for lately!
  4. ohhh yeah, every second of the day.. I look around and get so sick of my things, I mean its good stuff so I can sell it, but its not just you.. I soo know what you mean, twiggers

  5. Oh yeah! I feel like that sometimes. When I first got my credit card or when I was able to take myself shopping and was able to just splurge. Now that I see where I want to be in the next 5 years, It has opened my eyes as to where I could be right now if I didn't indulge so much. But it's all about the learning process. I'm glad I did it and caught myself now so when I'm finished school and is way more financially independent, I wouldn't jump the gun just because I landed my first "very" good paying job or what not.
  6. Yes yes!! I feel that way almost instantly after buying something new, if it doesn't "fit" with anything else or I feel I didn't put much thought into it it'll drive me nuts until I figure out exactly where it's place is or else I'll donate it.

    I'm giving away a lot of stuff lately, I still have the urge to shop and yet I want to be clutter (baggage? ) free in a lot of ways.

    I think it has a lot to do with the feelings of "things" and possessions tie me down somehow and it only gets worse.
  7. Ohhh I could you hug you gals! I am so glad I don't feel alone!

    I want to even get rid of my truck (a lease) and buy a used car because I've now grown up a little and realize a car is just vanity...and why do I need to be paying so much money for something I drive 20 miles a day (if that!!!)!!

    I hate my house too...another mistake (not financially...but I just hate it!)! Yea looked good when we first bought it...but as I started redecorating we found mold, water damage,
    and all kinds of other things wrong!

    I look in my closet and see things with the tags on...I have bags that haven't seen the light of day for 6 months!

    So...I decided to start with one bag to sell! I'm going to see how it goes. In the back of my mind I have a short list of things I won't get rid of....but I'd say about 80% of it can go!
  8. I wish I could go back to myself at 21 and just max out my savings and 401K instead of buying stupid things I can't even remember now. I'm sure lots of people wish they could go back and change certain things. But being able to learn from one's mistakes -- particularly financial ones -- is extremely important.

    I'd like to really clear out a lot of the clutter I've accumulated, too.
  9. I've felt like that a lot recently. You're definitely not alone!
  10. I've get that feeling every now and then.. but my feeling isn't really purging material possessions.. it's more like a starting over somewhere new where no one knows me type of thing.
  11. I'd like to erase all my tattoos.

    And start over!
  12. i can not wait to leave california and start fresh.... east coast is home
    i totally understand the west coast is not for me or my family.

    both my dh and my families are on the east coast we are is time to pack up and go.
  13. I have one room in my house that I just don't go into it is full of stuff that truthfully needs to go but I just can't seem to make myself do it, maybe tomorrow I'll make a start
  14. Oh boy...I hear ya!!!!
    The mistakes I've made...and still don't learn from some of them...trying to though!
    A clean slate....would be perfect!
  15. Mostly, for me, it's certain parts of my life that I could do over. Mistakes I've made, regrets I have, etc. Things that, if I could take the knowledge I have now and apply it to who I was then, would make things so much better and easier. Like college, for example. I changed my major a few times and made some financial blunders, and if I could go back things would be so different!