Do you ever want to chop all your hair off?

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  1. Do you ever have one of those days when your hair always gets in your way and you just want to cut it off? Or want to cut it for a drastic change and shock your friends and family? I know if I actually go through with it, I'll miss my hair and have regrets immediately. It will take forever to get it back to the length it is now. I've also promised countless people to never cut my hair. But sometimes the feeling is overwhelming and I can't help but daydream about cutting it to my shoulders (which in my world is really short).
  2. I have definitely felt like this, and after the feeling did not go away for an entire year, I had it cut to a chin length bob (like Nicole Richie used to have). It is so freeing and SO much easier to do than my long hair was...I love it!
  3. YES! In fact, I am going to get a hair cut this weekend. My hair is waist length, and I know I have a lot of split ends all over because I have not trimmed it in months.
  4. Yes! I was having a crisis a few years ago, right before my 27th birthday. I realized that I was getting closer to 30, so I decided to do something drastic. In a moment of temporary insanity, I had my hairdresser chop off all my hair. The next day, I was like, "WTF did I do?" I felt so bad. It took months for me to feel better. I know it's only hair, but damn, it was horrible. My hair was super short, nearly a pixie cut. Before the chop-off, it was half way down to my waist. Never again. Now, I totally flip if my hairdresser cuts off more than 1/2 inch when I get my hair trimmed.
  5. I have had my head shaved before, so yes. I only did that once, but it was pretty liberating, and on me it looked cute (it was about 1/2 inch long, then I bleached it). After that I kept it very short for a long time and it was really, really high maintenance, actually, because to keep it looking right it has to be cut every month.

    Here I was at 20 with super short hair

  6. Yes! In fact, my hair is the longest it's ever been in my whole life at the moment, and it's just barely past my shoulders! I'm already wanting to cut it again haha.
  7. I've done this!!!!!

    I've currently got a thread running because my hubby wants me to grow my hair a little (but I love it now!) so these photos are on there too.

    The first one is from late in 2005 when I was still overweight and had long blonde (highlighted) hair. The second one is from April this year (with my daughter at a McFly Concert) after losing 3 stone in weight and cutting my hair and dying it Dark Brown!!!

    Talk about drastic change but it is so nice not to have hair in my face and on my neck in this hot weather - just wash and go!!!
    Alison 1.jpg Ali.jpg
  8. Yup. Back when I was like 16 or 17! My hair was a bit past my shoulders. Since it's really friggin' curly, and I always kept it in a ponytail, it would get horribly tangled into the hair elastic. So one fine day I decided I had had enough of the tangling, went straight to the hair dresser and got a pixie.
    I kept it for a couple years and had fun dying it all kinds of colours (pink, purple, bright red, blonde, you name it!). It was so much fun!

    Just a few weeks ago I chopped it off again. Not as drastically though. I got the Pob (VB's bob, the one before she went really short and blonde). And I'm lovin' it!
  9. Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! all the time. My hair is so thick and have soooo much hair that my head sometimes feels a little heavy.. lol.. I love to blow dry my hair and use this good flat iron I have, I get so tired everytime I do and that's the reason why I don't do it very often, besides I work at a restaurant and it does not make any sense to get my hair done and get all the food smells in my hair :sad:.

    I would love to have short hair but I look like a mushroom with short hair and I am not willing to get my hair done everyday to make it look decent
  10. I just did it a few months ago. I got a short bob like Victoria Beckham and I loved it...I was getting compliments ALL THE TIME. And then came the maintenance issue. I never wanted to KEEP my hair short, so I was growing it out and now it's a pain in the a$$. I'm getting a fake clip-on extension to ease the transition.
  11. Yes. I did a few years ago. I seriously regretted it too.
  12. Yes LOL
  13. i've always had below-the-shoulder length hair but then i got bored and went for a bob years ago. i cried the next day since i regretted it so much. so before you lop off your locks, plan ahead and think long and hard about it first to make sure you're up for that dramatic change :heart:
  14. wow! that is quite a transformation. i can hardly recognize you, jane! that took lots of courage and patience so more power to you! :tup:
  15. I do. A while back I did get a bob kinda cut chopped at the shoulders and I HATED it. OMG I wanted to scream.