Do you ever use the handles belt?


What do you do with the handles belt?

  1. Leave it on one of the handles, no usage

  2. Use it all the time

  3. Take it off and keep it somewhere else

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  1. Here's a pic of the belt I'm talking about. I've been fiddling with it and find it relatively difficult to put it on correctly. Plus it makes opening the bag a hassle.


    So the question today is, do you use the handles belt (if it comes with your bag) or not.

    If so, what's the advantage?

    If not, do you leave it on your handle?
  2. I have never used mine on my keepalls. Some people use them as bracelets!
  3. i keep mine in the cupboard...if i use it it gonna be very troublesome takin it out then put on again... i just put it aside
  4. I keep mine on my keepall and use it when I'm traveling. It's handy.