Do you ever try a different brand but find yourself coming back to LV?

  1. I kind of did the opposite...started out with KOOBA, Botkier..and then dipped my toe in the LV water and never turned back!!! I DID just snag a Chanel, but I doubt I will be hooked (tooooo expensive for me to collect lol). I always find myself coming back to LV...(and the LV forums)...really, I feel like you guys are real friends now! :love:
  2. I have tried. But they are just not my LV's and I always return to them!
  3. I started the opposite way too, I guess as stereotypical as it sounds: once you go LV you never go back. LOL-I couldn't help it. Now I am selling my other bags to fund more LV.
  4. I thought I was really going to be into Gucci too (hence the name), I like Gucci alot, but I don't LVOE it like LV! So I'm just sticking with LV now. And I too feel like the forum members are friends!
  5. For me, none of the others brands has lasting appeal like Louis Vuitton!
  6. I went to Chanel, still love but out of control prices, and LV has come out with TERRIFIC bags that aren't mono
  7. ditto! I still love my chanels but I originally loved LV, got kinda bored with mono, got addicated to chanel caviar bags and reissues last year, then got my first LV Multicolore in white and seem to be creeping back to LV again...I think we can love more then one label equally, for different things of course! :yes: I love my chanel pieces for their timeless quality but my LV's are my "go to" bags for every day, they jsut stnad the test of time and durabililty!

    Plus i love the new LV :tup:bags this season!
  8. I own other brands but I cherish none of them (save Hermes) as I do my LVs :love:
  9. PRADA is my 2nd brand...:heart::yahoo:
  10. I started with Gucci, then Balenciaga, then Kooba, then I guess I'm a little all over the place. I would probably never buy another Gucci with the exception of the vintage ones. Once I can afford it, I'll probably go strictly Chanel and LV with a few Koobas and Bulgas in between. :smile:
  11. Way back I started with a love of LV and then switched to fendi. Then went back to LV but then tried chanel and gucci. Came back to LV again. Then decided I needed to be practical so dabbled with coach, kate spade, burberry and botkier. But as expected came back to LV again.

    I don't mind trying the other bags, they're good for variety. But ultimately I had to admit that I'm just an LV gal. Just love their designs and bags.

    Sorry wanted to add that I saw your posting under Chanel and saw the pic of your new tote! It is FABULOUS!!! Congratulations!!!
  12. Yes.,. I got the most gorgeous deerskin Prada shopper.. and it probably is my richest bag.. but I am selling to fund another LV.. go figure, I LVOE my LV!
  13. YES YES YES. I always come back to LV, last year I decided to stop fighting it. LV for all my leather goods needs, at least for now.
  14. Its Prada and LV for me:graucho:
  15. Yep! I dabbled in Jimmy Choo, Zac Posen, and Chanel bags and although they're very nice bags I just can't get past LV. I don't even know why I bother sometimes when I end up regretting not spending the money on LV instead of another brand. I think I've finally learned my lesson.