do you ever think...

  1. ...That you could have bought a Birkin with the money you spent on your last 3 handbag purchases? Or do you prefer having frequent doses of the new handbag high? Maybe you think Hermes is overrated? I can't make up my mind, but was curious to hear what you ladies thought. Apologies for the non-BV question, but it is kinda indirectly related.
  2. I am not a big Hermes fan . . . but that could be because I am only 26! I also can't justify spending that much money on a bag yet and/or possibly ever!
  3. I don't own a BV YET, but I own equally as pricey bags. . . and no, I never think that.
    Hermes doesn't have a bag design I like so I definitely don't think that, but I also don't like their politics of who they will sell to and how often . . . .
  4. Since I don't want a Birkin, it's not an issue for me (fortunately).
  5. I feel you have to ask yourself if a birkin or other Hermes bag is what you want. Some people really want Hermes bags because they are all handmade and of the very finest quality. So, if you want one and you buy three other bags you will tell yourself that you could have owned one if you didn't buy the others.

    I know the answer to this question easily because I have experienced owning Hermes bags several times over. Hermes is truly the finest or it can be debated that it is one of the very finest. I have to say Bottega Veneta is one brand that can stand up nicely to Hermes, but it is a different style/look.

    I really think if you ask yourself this maybe you should save up and own just one Hermes bag. That way, you can understand why the women that own Hermes really rave about it. Many are truly loyal to the brand, but others still like to own a little bit of everything. If you end up not liking Hermes the resale value is super.

    I can tell you that a Hermes bag can't meet your needs all of the time and even if you loved the brand you may need to have a bag that fills in the gap.

    I love Hermes and recommend the brand to all, but I am also fond of Bottega.
  6. As much as I appreciate classics, I also love variety. So I don't mind spending the equivalent of one used Birkin on 3-4 other great bags (including classic BV). And like Swanky said - Hermes politics turn me off too no matter how much I love their bags. I'm proud of my non-Hermes collection!

    And as always, Kellybag is quite correct and eloquent in her assessment!
  7. Not necessarily Birkin (Hermes just not me, at this point) but I HAVE reevaluated what I truly love and have decided to hold out for my faves (currently Chanel and BV, now that I have satisfied a yen for Chloe) . . . no more impulse buys or "good deals", I've decided to stick with my new loves :love: and hold out for what I truly want (I was a little impetuous earlier this year, so put myself on a ban!) so for now just living vicariously thru the posts and gorgeous pix of others. :smile: (AND building a wishlist)
  8. I can't imagine buying a bag that costs more than the average BV--but I also have bought LV off eBay and MMJ for a fraction of what a new BV costs. There are some bags besides Hermes that may cost more than BV, but H is what I thought of when I read this post. I'm simply too casual a person to wear a Hermes bag--any of them. So I don't 2nd guess my purchases.
  9. I'm not attracted to bags from Hermes, so I'm not in that dangerous teritory yet :p
  10. For me it would be what other high-end items I could have gotten instead (for instance a Jaeger LeCoultre watch, or a pair of 1-carat solitaire earrings etc).

    These days I am incline to go for classic pieces (instead of impulsive buys) for my enjoyment and as "investments". So I would be quite firm on my decisions. As for Hermes, I know I would get a Birkin some day (as some kind of holy grail of bags maybe) as I do like the style and its quality. But right now I am happily collecting other good quality bags. Variety is the spice of life.
  11. Even though I appreciate the fine craftmanship on the Hermes bags I'm not in love with any of them. I actually cancelled my Birkin because it would be another bag that just sits there so for me it's more about variety.
    I love to have different bags for different occasions but I'm sure if I really fell in love with a Hermes there wouldn't be anything that ould stop me.
  12. Since most of my bags are Hermès, I don't have this issue. I'm pretty loyal to Hermès but once in a while, I like to have other bags for other occassions.
  13. I would love to have Birkin as well as BV. I have 2 BV bags and 1 BV wallet. I did think about this question before, several BV equal to 1 Birkin. However, the wait list is closed and forever long. Even if I gave up buying BV, I won't be able to get a Birkin (I want black). I am 27 now and I am aiming to get a Birkin after 30, so by that time, I will have enough BV or other brands, then I can focus on getting a Birkin, haha.