Do you ever think you'll be done with Toki?

  1. Gosh, I just have one question after another! I thought I'd be done once I reached 10 Tokis (with my Pirata Zucca). but then I changed my mind about a few and traded/sold some. But I think what I'm going to get soon I will really LOVE! I mean, we're talking perfect placement all the way..

    Do you think you'll ever be done with Toki? I don't know if I'll ever get a Foresta, or a Mamma [Mia], or even another Tan Playground. But if I did, would I be done buying? I know a lot of you guys have had to stop yourselves from buying 'cause of financial reasons (and trust me, I'm scarily close to that point), but would you ever willingly stop your collection from growing?
  2. I will be done after I get one bag in every print..that I want. Although, I would consider getting another tan playground & foresta haha.
  3. I'll be done when I'm good and ready to be done :lol: probably not until they're no longer found in stores majorly :biggrin:
  4. I think after vacanze I'm done. I'll be starting on my Tarina Tarantino addiction :hysteric:
  5. Lol of course, they'll be harder to find when they stop making/selling them.. Probably pricier too.

    I suppose my limit is when they get wayy too expensive. Or when I go broke. :p
  6. Once the tokidoki/LeSportsac collaboration is over, I think the main thing that would stop me from buying more is hiked prices on e-bay. If prices stayed reasonable on e-bay, I might end up buying more... but if sellers jack up the prices way up high because it's totally discontinued, I won't buy anything.
  7. i have a designer vinyl toy addiction now... I just got a black mellow if anyone knows what that is :whistle:

    has anyone seen the tokidoki robot prototype btw :nuts: i still need to post about it in LJ... I'll probably do that later tonight after I get home from work
  8. i'll probably be done with the bags once i get everything that i want with the newer prints...and when i finally get my perfect inferno ciao or zucca...and a citta rosa gioco...i really don't wanna buy nemore bags...because i don't need that many O.O trying to be slightly practical here, but not really lolz

    tehlilone: the love n licorice mellow! he's soooo kyoot! i was suppose to go to christopher lee's signing for the orange mellow in SF, but we took too long to get there lolz...i want the orange one too! he's too darling

    n the tokidoki robot prototype is totally sweet! can't wait for that!
  9. After Vacanze I hope to god that I'm done with designer purses! I don't think I'll ever be done with the art of tokidoki though since I have an immense appreciation for cute things. :smile:
  10. I'm going to get one more bag probably a Vacanze one and then i'm finished. *sure i will be*
  11. haha yeah... I was one of the lucky 10 that got it early thru vinyl pulse :yahoo: 5 other people got it earlier also... it comes out on thursday! One guy already got his so I hope I get mine soon :p I believe Christopher Lee will be at SDCC so I'm gonna bring my mellow w/ me to have it signed mayhaps
  12. Other than Tutti, I'm done with bags. I have one shirt and will probably not get anymore because I just own too many t-shirts. It would depend on what other toki products came out. But I'd definitely keep using what I have, I use a toki bag almost every day.

    But I think I've been lurking around the other forums too much, and I'm interested in other handbags - oh no! :blink:
  13. I tell myself I am done with Toki because I don't like the new prints at all. On the other hand, I do not want to be done because I simply love the hunt for that "one more special bag" to add to my collection. Suddenly I get this overwhelming urge to collect dolces with that perfect print - pirata, foresta, citta rosa, citta, inferno, spiaggia!!!! What is coming over me?!!:confused1::nuts::confused1:
  14. I think that after I get trasporto and vacanze I'll be done with my toki collecting. By then I'll already have something in every print (except tutti and famiglia).

    BUT if something is on sale or greatly discounted ... I wouldn't pass it up :biggrin:
  15. I bought my 1st Toki on May 21st (this year) and thought it would be my only one. I now have 16!

    I'm only *planning* to get a Famiglia Denaro (planning to be my only denaro, b/c I figure w/ all the characters, it will go with all bags). Something Transporto (maybe a Campeggio) and something Vacanze. - But then again... I wasn't *planning* on getting anything I did get. For the most part, I saw the pics on eBay and loved them!