Do you ever think we will tap on premier instead of contemporary?

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  1. As I was coming on to my favorite site this morning to see all of the magnificent Coach bags I wondered just that. The PCE and an amazing SA pushed me to pull the trigger on a beautiful Black Rogue and I'm beyond thrilled and excited. Then I find out that every three to four months they are going to call me to bring her in for a COMPLIMENTARY Spa Treatment for leather and hardware. If that's not worthy of clicking on Premier I don't know what is.

    Do you think Coach, with the amazing Stuart Vevers, will get to that tier some day soon?
  2. Although the company is desperately trying to undo the damage it did to itself in the 2000s, and in my opinion it's on the right track, I doubt they are aiming at moving from "affordable luxury" to a full ultra-lux brand (Hermès, Chanel, LV). Currently, the price gap is too important and the clientèle is not overlapping enough. Coach is not very well known abroad compared to LVMH and Kering brands. I had never heard of Coach until I moved to the US.

    I think they should follow Longchamp's strategy and remain a mid-range brand that offers quality products. For the majority of people, a $700 bag is already luxury.

    I love the new direction direction of the brand and their renewed interest in quality and design. It shows and I think it will pay off. They need to ditch their outlets though!
  3. I always love your posts both here and on LV.
    Thank you Fabuleaux!

  4. I totally agree with your entire post....
  5. I agree with your post, with the exception of the ditching the outlets remark. I don't think they should just ditch them, but take them back to the beginning where it was just an outlet for FP bags that couldn't be sold in the FP stores for whatever reason or leftover stock. I do not agree with the trashing of leather bags....which is what would happen if there wasn't an outlet for them. Trashing leather bags is too much of a waste.
  6. Several premium brands have outlets. You can be a premium brand without destroying merchandise. I also love my MFF accessories. I'd hate for those to go away.
  7. They would not be trashed, they would go on clearance and the remaining stock would be sold to stores like TJMaxx

    The problem with current outlet stores is that they sell items made for the outlet, with a few exceptions. Coach is knocking off its own products!
  8. MFF was a gateway drug for me, and probably for many others that find the red pill and move on to FP. There's a large number of people that stick with MFF, though, and never discover deletes, or don't want to pay (for whatever reason) $350 for a bag that was originally $700. I think the proliferation of cheaper (looks and cost) MFF bags, especially the ones that are knock-offs of FP, are what some can point to as holding back Coach's future higher end success.

    I wouldn't mind if they made a few simple MFF bags like Coras, Margots, older style Bennetts (ca early 2015, with the nicer handles and chaps, before the redesign with extraneous turnlocks on the ends), etc. As long as the bags are made of the nicer materials they've been using lately on MFF, like pebbled, suede, and glove tanned leathers, and drastically reduce the crossgrain and coated canvas, that is. I like a lot of current MFF slg styles better than FP, and I doubt that I'm alone. Heck, my pebbled leather and suede MFF Minetta is one of my favorite bags (but it is a MFF knock-off, as the Minetta used to be FP). MFF doesn't have to be junk.

    Celine, Gucci, Valentino, and YSL have outlets and are sold at TJ Maxx (at least on the website; I've never been in a runway store, so I have no idea if they're sold in b&m TJM stores). Yet, people don't seem to care as much about them doing it as they do about Coach, for reasons unknown to me. I think it'll be interesting to see how their restructuring ideas play out.

  9. +1. I overheard a couple's conversation at Macy's, and the husband said, "Don't waste your money on these Coach bags. You can get one for $100 at the outlet."
    The average consumer doesn't know the difference between FP and MFF bags. When I carried my new FP Hologram tote to work my boss fawned over it and said she was going to go to the outlet to buy it. I know that the outlets are Coach's "bread and butter" when it comes to making money, but it also keeps them from becoming more of a luxury brand.
  10. I agree. I like a lot of the MFF bags/colors better than those at FP. I also find it kind of refreshing to be able to go and buy a nice bag without a high price. I have Chanel, Balenciaga, and LV, but I love being able to go to an outlet, find a cute bag, and not have to be sticker shocked by price/be able to buy trendy colors without worrying that I am spending $1000 on a color that won't be timeless. For me personally, I wouldn't spend the high prices on several of the FP Coach bags..I'd be more likely to put the money towards a Bal or LV.
  11. Totally agree that they are knocking off their own products! There is an outlet Swagger. I see no outlet Speedies.(sp) Sorry, don't know plural of Speedy, lol.
  12. Omword, how did you deal with your boss on that one?

  13. I just smiled and nodded. Lol
  14. No.
  15. SO true. I saw a bunch of Factory bags yesterday, actually i don't recall seeing so many once lol.

    I don't see the factory stores going anywhere, as you said it's their cash cow. They pull her they might not make it.

    Coach needs to concentrate on itself, frankly their are more than enough 'premier' brands anyways, why do they need to become one? not everyone wants or will spend thousands on a bag, it's not as if that area is lacking in the ability to do so.

    What is lacking is nicely made reasonable priced bags, that is what we need more of.

    We work hard for money i want good value when i spend it, the name is secondary to me, you can be the best name going but you make junk? you can go leap off a very tall bridge as far as i am concerned.