Do you ever think Birkin's in size 35 will come into fashion again?

Apr 7, 2017
Ladies! Please weigh in on this!

As we all know size 35 used to be the most desirable size for a Birkin, but nowadays it's all about the 25's or 30's (especially).

So what I want to know is -- should I start re-homing all my 35's or do you think they'll make a comeback?
Apr 7, 2017
Thank you for sharing your mind! You are totally right. The size does still work for me and I have sentimental value for each and every one of my handbags. I guess I'm just getting caught up in the whirlwind of mini/smaller handbags!

I still think 35cm birkins are classic and will never go out of style regardless of trends... If the size works for you, why get rid of it? Trends come and go, classic is forever!


Mar 5, 2016
I don't own a single H bag (yet) but I've recently been looking at them in the preloved market (just browsing!). I was surprised to learn that the smaller bags cost more than the bigger ones! I never knew that!! (Unless I was told wrong)

I used to think, "One day I'll be able to get a B25.." and I used to think that because in my mind, I can't afford the bigger sizes. I was wrong, apparently.

So if this is true, I think B35 will always be in demand because of its price point.

Just my two cents.


Jan 13, 2017
I don't think they have ever gone out of style. I don't think they ever will, either. I see plenty of them out and about. I think people have different bags for their various needs or maybe they like certain colours only in certain sizes as Madame Bijoux stated. Style is so personal to begin with. I think you should wear whatever makes your heart sing regardless of what may be trendy at the moment.


May 1, 2013
I love my 35, she is so special even though I have more mini bags. For me one or two 35's are perfect and serve the purpose of workhorse bags. The smaller ones I treat like accessories that add up to my outfit. That said if I wasn't petite I would consider adding more b35's. Enjoy your bags.
Jun 6, 2009
Keep the bags you enjoy, use and love - not ones that are trendy at the time as trends definitely come and go.
And I agree that it's nice for a H collector and aficionado to have Eg different sizes, leathers , colours etc in their collection if possible .


Feb 19, 2016
For me te most proportionate birkin is the 35 although sometimes could be a bit heavy to carry. And yes, in my opinion, bigger handbags will soon become fashionable. Some years ago I wore only 40, then 35 and now 30 (25 is a little toy for me....) but the fashion trend comes and goes quickly. I love B 35 and I wont sell them.