Do you ever take the Handtags off your bag?

  1. I always remove my hang tags. I'm afraid of them falling off and losing them, so I hang them on something inside the bag like the zipper of the inside pocket, or back when coach used to included that little ring inside handbags.
  2. I have had handtags fall off two of my bags. Luckily, I heard them hit the ground and picked them up. On these particular bags, I left them off and put them in the inside pocket for fear of them falling off again and losing them. I have kept the hangtags on the rest of my bags.
  3. I never take them off. To me, they are part of the bag.
  4. Only if I need to put them on a bag that is missing one, then they go right back on their orig bag.
  5. Curious...why do you remove them? Just don't like the looks of them?

  6. I've only taken them off my Parker Hippies. For some reason I just felt it ruined the look of that particular bag. All my other bags still have them.
  7. I keep them on. Since I don't use fobs/charms often, they help add a little something. And I think they're adorable!
  8. Leave them on, I would feel like my bags are nakey without them, hehe!
  9. I think leaving the hang tags on became more popular when the signature fabrics and embossed leathers came out. Then the hang tags sort of became a charm on its own. I think they were color samples at first?

    I remember when I got my first bag in the mid '90's the thing was to take off the hang tag, or use it as a keychain.
  10. Never! When I rehab a bag I do not feel that the rehab is complete until I have added an appropriate hangtag, that is what finished off the bag!
  11. I always take off the tags. I'm not sure why!
  12. Yep plus they are easily lost. The few bags I have let mine on I have pinched the connector with pliers so they arent going to fall off. I attach my charms to them :smile: All my glams have the hang tags off because the newer ones there are too many and they are annoying more then anything.
  13. Definitely the best philosophy! It is hard to enjoy your bag if you are constantly worried about the tags falling off. I like the tags and the only time I have removed a tag is with my poppy silver/metallic hippie-the peach colored hangtag wasn't working for me.
  14. hanGtags.

    *twitches a little bit*
  15. I have always (since the late 90s when the bags were classic style, and the hang tags were a single layer of leather that was just a sample) taken off all tags. The only ones I leave on are the ones that i can use as zipper pulls on a wallet of inside my bag, or the metal ones, which I find to be more decorative. This is especially true of the metal tag on my Willis--it was obviously designed to be a charm. I have to agree with a previous post that likened them to price tags. I've always likened them to the little ribbon brand label that is on the cuff of a man's blazer. You take that off.

    If you look at the pics of celebs carrying Coach or other bags, they usually take the hang tags off unless they have been designed to be decorative.

    However, rest assured that I have never discarded them. I have a whole mess of hang tags in the large chest where I keep all my bags.