Do You Ever Take Breaks From Your Lovely LV Items?

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  1. Hi lovelies,

    I'm just wondering if any of you tend to take breaks from your beautiful bags and slg's? Or do you tend to use them consistently without vacations? Thank you so much! :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. no breaks since i've started buying lv actually! hahah
    occasionally, when i need something really toned down (job interview, for example) i'll switch to a basic black leather bag. but other than that...i use lv pretty consistently.
  3. cool thanks!
  4. I rotate lv with my other designer bags, prada, gucci etc.

    and...i'm unashamed to say I still use my guess bags and my aldo store bought bags...they're functional and i still love them :smile:
  5. I rotate mine with Chanel and Balenciaga
  6. I am on one right now... using my new Burberry. Although lesson learned -- Never walk into an LV store with a Burberry bag. :lol:
  7. No breaks for me. :smile: Im pretty brand loyal, so when I get into something I tend to stick with it. Every now and then I think about getting a Balenciaga City in a fun bright color, but then I stop myself and think that that's money that I could use to buy another LV bag instead. But, someday, I will take a long enough break to buy at least one Chanel!
  8. I had a break awhile ago and went to balenciaga.. but came back to LV end of 08!
  9. I also use my Chanel and Gucci bags but I only have LV SLG's
  10. No breaks. All I have are LV purses (can't afford any other bags after they've taken all my shopping money, :P lol).
  11. I hardly ever take breaks, but it's only because I hate switching bags/wallets! I will switch to coach when I go traveling thought because I don't want to risk theft or damage.
  12. Sometimes, with Chanel, Gucci, and others
  13. I do too. The Mono and Damier print can get a bit dull after awhile and I don't care for Epi and I would be too nervous to use a Vernis bag.
  14. I rotate mine with other designer bags that I own...mainly Chanel and Prada.
  15. I sometimes (rarely) rotate with others bags I purchased before getting into LV.