Do you ever stretch your wallet cc slots?

  1. LV says to only put one card per slot in wallets. Does anyone else put 2 or 3 cards per slot and stretch the card slots out?:confused1: Will this damage the leather lining or make the canvas wear faster b/c it makes the canvas tighter from cards filling the inside up?:s :confused1: :smile:
  2. I never stretch them out! I take care of all my wallets! I think it make sthe canvas wear faster.
  3. I have so many cards and it does stretch it out. So if you don't want to I recommend not to, now if I only put one card in it's a little loose.
  4. i only put one per slot, but it's tempting to put more since there's rarely enough slots in the wallets for all the id cards, debit cards, membership cards etc.
  5. Careful the slots will tear!
  6. i usually put the most important cards in the slots and then the rest in the coin department (and coins in the coin purse). I guess it dependsd on which wallet you are talking abotu but it works perfect for my PTI cuz i have about 30 different cards that I tote around, lol!
  7. I don't have enough cards to need to do that :lol:
  8. Nope I don't do that..I have a cles for extra cards I don't use all that often.
  9. I have put extra cards in one slot and it does stretch a little, but never to the point of tearing.
  10. I never put more than a card in each slot to avoid stretching...
  11. I did for my vernis ludlow.. but that's gone now.. :sad:
  12. I two cards in some slots.
  13. Unfortunately yes, I have done that because there weren't enough card slots. But luckily there was another manufacturing defect so I got a new wallet!! I was so happy because after having two cards in one slot it became too loose to have only one card in the slot. So this time I know not to make the same mistake again. I'm going to get a mono clés to use with my mono compact zippé.
  14. I agree! I think it's a REALLY BAD idea to purposely stretch the slots like that. Just put in one and with regular use, the slots WILL INDEED STRETCH after a few months:yes: .
  15. Once in awhile I'll put two cards in one cc slot, but not more than one slot.