Do you ever stop and think, "If I weren't me, I'd slap me"?

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  1. Without being too self-aggrandizing/self-deprecating, I'm just going to put this question out there. My answer is, "Yes." You?
  2. nah, i am always perfect and right , therefore no reason to punish me whatsoever :roflmfao: j/k !!! i wish!!!!

    seriously i have those moments too and what pisses me off is that i cant learn from this and after i think of slapping myself, i will later go and do the same thing again...uuugh
  3. Yes, all the time. I also think about myself, "What a *****!"
  4. NEVER EVER.... Why would i ever feel that way?

    i'm always right and i'm such a darling!!

    Now you, of course i'd understand why you'd feel that way about yourself. but it's ok hon, you're nice enough most of the time....

    TOTALLY KIDDING about all of the above!!!:p

    yeah of course. I try to behave myself and act with dignity, i don't alaways succeed...

    i then proceed to have a dialogue with myself..

    Me to Me: Wow i was kind of rude and impatient there
    Mmmm at least i know i'm rude and impatient.. OK i'll admit i was rude and impatient so THERE. therefore, it was ok for me to be rude and impatient since i admit to it... :wtf: now i'll just be nice until the next time i decide to be X and X again....
  5. Yup, often.
  6. Occasionally.....
  7. You come up with the best thread topics, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this one, :roflmfao:. And yes, I do.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    funny topic. yep, especially the way I deal with my hubby - mind you, this has been in the past, we have come a long way since then. I do think though that with 'strangers'/family 'outsiders' I am sometimes not enough of a b..h. something to work on?....? j/k.
  9. LOL Your posts last night were hilarious. I hope you were able to finish your paper! Seriously, if I had tPF in college...goodness knows how badly my grades would have suffered!

    and yes, I do feel like slaping myself sometimes...even though I'm me...
  10. Last's still last night for me, unfortunately :tdown:. Paper not done!
  11. Uh oh..what happened?
  12. Nope, I've got splinters in me arse from sitting on the fence too much. I spend far too long sat there rather than being a *****. :nuts:
  13. OH so you have a paper due!!

    is this what all this sudden burst of new threads is all about?? PROCRASTINATION??? HEHEHEHEHE

    then again, since you got into Yale, you can procrastinate all you want =) it won't kill you....
  14. :whistle: I haven't slept for almost 24 hours. Nice to finish college with a good old-fashioned, barely productive, hardly necessary all-nighter.
  15. :busted hehe I'm writing a paper too. Just gonna read one more thread first though...