Do you ever spot a Kooba while out and about?

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  1. Koobas are in 4 stores within 1/2 hour of my home, Saks, Off 5th, and two boutiques. Yet I have NEVER seen a Kooba when I am out and about. Never!

    Am I the only woman carrying one in the Cincinnati area? Trust me, I would ~know~ if anyone within 25 feet of me had one on their arm..but noooooo.

    Do you ever see one while out? If so, which one? And if no, why do you think not?
  2. I never see them here either! I live in Austin, Texas. Maybe I'm not hanging out in the right (kooba friendly) places?
  3. Hi girls,
    I live in Toronto, Canada and I have NEVER seen anyone carrying a Kooba. There is only one store to buy them here as far as I know and that is Holt Renfrew.
  4. they're all over ny
  5. I just started looking out for them recently and so far I've seen a Ginger and a Nicole. But I'm new to the line, so they may just be everywhere and I never noticed. And I'm in Los Angeles.
  6. I've never seen one on someones arm around here either (Boca Raton, Florida)
  7. i live in OC CA. I have seen Siennas a few times, but that really all I can remember seeing...
  8. I live in NJ and I don't think I have seen anyone with a Kooba.

    Polos- my inlaws live in Boca. Next time we visit them, I will have to let you know so we can meet at the Town Centre mall :yes:
  9. ..maybe after we buy them we don't have the $$ to go anywhere...hence we are never seen out with them..hmmmm.... *s
  10. Oh, Goody! Because when I get mine, I don't want to see myself coming and going!!! :yahoo:
  11. Never! That's one of the big reasons I love carrying them.
  12. I haven't spotted a one yet in Sarasota, Florida. Hooray! But I've seen plenty of women with purses that are covered with monograms, that's for sure. There is a Saks in town but their Kooba collection is quite small...but then the store isn't very big, either.
  13. I live in NY, and at first I'd never seen them around, but lately I've seen them... Ginger, Ada, Marcelle. I have yet to see the newer bags.
  14. ciatta....I've been to that Saks that you are talking about just last week. Yes, sadly, their Kooba selection is very limited, BUT they had two Jillians in bourbon and one in black.........loved them both and fondled them like a freak!!!!! I haven't seen any Koobas at all being carried like arm candy on anyone from Sarasota to Naples. If I did, I would run up to them and compliment them!!
  15. I have two words for you "Sample Sale":wlae: . Us NY gals don't like paying retail for anything. :yes: