Do you ever share tPF with total strangers?

  1. I've probably shared three times now, my third opportunity happened today.

    I was out in 'the field' doing my dog and pony show. I have a midwest rural territory so seeing quality handbags much less designer handbags is pretty much a mirage.

    I was 'detailing' two Nurse Practitioners about my products when I see a LV satchel (really a beautiful bag) sitting on one of their desks. I stopped and just pointed, all wide eyed and gapping. You have to understand, this type of thing just never happens; I feel like an alien walking among the natives. Anyway one NP said that the purse belonged to the other NP, she just stood there beaming proudly and rightfully so.

    I immediately asked her if she belonged to tPF (honestly a knee jerk reaction). No she said??? What's that?? Naturally I shared. Mean while the other NP holds up her brown blobby concoction and says I paid nine dollars for this at Walmart (cringe)...

    I pointed to LV girl and then myself and told this lady that this was unacceptable to us. I explained that we weren't snobs per say just sick passionate people about our purses and that she probably can't understand our mentality. LV girl was shaking her head :yes: yes the whole time.

    Anyway I hope LV Nurse Practitioner joins this board, she will love it!
  2. Oh wow....must have been exciting!
    Well I talk about TPF all the time but no one I know really cares to join.
  3. Susie, I am a rep out in the field in SW Ohio and all I ever seem to see are Coaches and fake LV's. There are some exception and when I do see something nice I always talk with them if appropriate.

    And yes, I share The Purse Forum whenever possible. We bag girls need to stick together.
  4. If I talked about it to my family, they would think I am nuts. One of my friends is a lurker here though (come out already!!) and another friend is slowly building an HH collection :graucho: HH is the entryway drug. :roflmfao:

  5. Go figure this was a real LV (the NP made a point to tell me that she bought it from a certified boutique)! I don't even see real Coaches LSR. Here's the flip side, at least I do not have to explain my expensive bags. People are clueless so they don't even ask.

    Ohio is such a pretty state. Are you rural as well?

  6. Kelly:shame: what's HH???
  7. Hayden-Harnett
  8. Nope..I should though! Great story, susie! I hope she joins! :tup:

  9. Hummm I should sell that DRUG, LOL!
  10. You should! :roflmfao:

    They have these crazy wacky sales that get people all hot and bothered. The end result is wanting more and more designer bags. HH is what first brought me to TPF :yes:
  11. No, I dont. I dont even share it with my friends! Whenever they ask how I found out about this or that deal, I just say "I read it on a forum" and they already give me that, "Get a life!" or "You must be bored outta your mind!"

  12. Thus tPF gods find your friends unworthy to grace the hallo pages of this forum:p
  13. Most of my best friends are on the I dont need to share,,they r already members!!!!
  14. I really don't, not even with my sister. They wouldn't understand.

    I have made several friends since joining and love to share things with them.

    I think it makes it more special if you don't tell everyone you know. Almost like a secret society.

    As I typed that last sentence, I just though, you're almost 50 "secret society". LOL
  15. no way jose