Do you ever sell on ebay so you dont' have to return to your SA?

  1. I found a SA who I really like, and I hate to return what I just had her send me.

    I didn't pay sales tax so I think I could cover exactly waht I paid? Or should I just return and be done with it? Will the SA be understanding?
  2. hmm, could you exchange it for another bag ? Or do you want a refund. I would return it rather than go thru the hassle of eBay, if she is your regular SA she would understand and want to give you great service.
  3. I would return it also. Avoid the hassle of eBay. I'm sure your SA will understand. Afterall, you are keeping one of the bags. :yes:
  4. I agree. When you think of all the money eBay takes out for fees, it really isn't worth all the hassle. You could assure her that you'll call her for any future purchases. Plus, you are keeping one of the bags.
  5. you are way too nice... i'm sure she would understand if you want to return a bag.
  6. How much is the bag going for on ebay? I guess you could sell it on ebay and add extra for the fees so you don't lose any money, but I think it would be easier to just return it. Ebay is a scary place!
  7. schmoo - i know just how you feel! my SA hunted down a cabas for me, and when i actually had it, i didnt like it anymore! but i felt too bad to return it after the extra effort she went to, so i ended up selling it on ebay, pretty much breaking even after the ebay fees.
  8. OMG:wtf:...are you reading my mind...I am thinking of returning a bag that a nice SA sent me....but I don't want to make her mad or feel I may keep it...I feel so bad about stuff like that...:sweatdrop:
  9. If it's just a random SA I called up or someone who's not my regular SA, I'd return it as it's less of a hassle compared to selling on ebay. BUT if it's one of my regular SA's whom I have good relationships with, I really refrain from returning as much as possible -- especially big-ticket items....I'd try the ebay route first if possible.....but that's just me.
  10. It's the cost of doing business really. As one of my s/a's put it, "I'd rather have you return something you don't like and help you find something you do." I just canceled an order with my Nordstrom s/a because I found the bag somewhere else in my first choice of color. This was after she took the time to go thru all five bags and pick the most pristine one for me, charge it to my Nordsrom card, only to have me cancel before it shipped. Sure I felt awful, but she assured me it wasn't a problem and was glad I found the bag I wanted (at a store that wasn't Nordstrom). She knows I'll be back to shop with her in the future.
  11. Honestly, just return it!!! The SA's I deal with joke about returning. I buy alot more than I return but they always say the same thing-take it home, play with it, test drive it around the house. If you love it, keep it, if not return it. (Because they know I will be back) I can't tell you how many bags I returned this week alone because I am indecisive over "smaller bags".
    Don't hassle with ebay. Bring it back. Your SA if shes your regular SA will understand and know you will shop again.
  12. Not with Chanel, but I did with my LV SA. I couldn't bear to return so I sold it on Ebay...don't know if I would do it again...
  13. I asked my SA to find me a certain Chanel for the EGC event-he sent it to me with the gift card and now I don't like the bag!I feel bad returning it to him-and what happens to the gift card?
  14. I think you should just return it because with paypal+ ebay FEEs I'm pretty sure you will lose out. No offense but it's her job to find people bags she's already getting paid for it.
  15. Not true, most work on an only commision plan. like 9 percent of the sale, they are not paid an hourly salary, the SA salary is the commision, so they take a big hit when someone returns a bag.