Do you ever reward for hard work? My thanks to an SA

  1. So yesterday I went pick up my back up LVoe scarf. When I called the day before I asked about the LVoe phone charm and brooch. Although speaking to an SA I use a lot, she said she didn't know about them, but would check and call me back. She called me back about 15 minutes later and said she couldn't find them and spoke to the accessories manager and he said there was nothing like that :rolleyes: ! I know we've all been there! How hard could you have looked, since they are listed on the website, :cursing: !

    Knowing I was going in the next day to pick up the scarf, i just said, "fine".

    I printing out the pics and headed to the store. None of my regular SAs were in, so another gal helped me. I asked her about the phone charm and brooch and she went in the back. She searched every stores inventory, and came out there were only 5 left in the country, 1 in each of 5 stores, so transfer was not possible, so it would have to be a charge/send...but instead of handing me the paper with the 5 stores listed, she started calling them...first 3 all said already on hold. Finally on the fourth with some major persuading on her side she secured one for me.

    I really thought she went above and she was not my regular SA, no credit for the sale going to her, since it is a charge/send. So when I went to lunch at Nordies (almost next door) I picked up some truffles for her and a gift certificate for $25. and wrote a thank you, have lunch on me note.

    Was this too much or just nice, somethings I can overdo things, but just felt it was the right thing to do, I am just wondering if it was too much and now my regular SA will be like....hey!?! kwim?
  2. Wow that was very nice of you. I dont think it was too much at all.
  3. No, I think that you did a wonderful thing. Your "adopted" SA really went out of her way to find and get you what you wanted. And you showed your appreciation. I don't think that it was too much -- I think that it was very nice. Also, your regular SA could have done the same thing, but didn't, so she shouldn't complain about not getting the reward.
  4. Awww Tink, you're such a sweet person, and I don't think it's too much at all! And please post pics of your LVoe charm when you get it, it's so cute!
  5. I think that was super nice! If I were an SA I would have been thrilled and felt very appreciated (which you probably don't feel too often in that job).
  6. THat was such a kind thing to do. It doesn't matter that it wasn't your regular SA, she gave you proper customer service and you rewarded her for it. She will continue even more so, to give this kind of service to everyone now (hopefully).
  7. Let me just say, on behalf of all the people who've worked in did an incredibly wonderful thing. Most of the time I loved my job because I got to help people all day, and so I was very much like the SA you described. It was a great feeling to go "out of my way" to rumage through the back of the store in random piles to find someone a sweatshirt, or even just to go through the store with a mother who had her daughter's "wishlist" printed out for Christmas. I loved making people happy, and loved that I was getting paid to do it. A lot of customers were appreciative, but some were not, and the ones that were unnecessarily rude or downright mean to me could really ruin my day. What you did probably made her entire day, and she probably went home and told her friends or family what a great customer she had. Not only did she get to help you find something, but you actually showed her how much you appreciated it - this often doesn't happen.

    Anyway, my point is that you did a great thing, because you weren't just rewarding her for doing her job, but for being treating you as she would a friend.
  8. I don't think there is anything there is anything wrong with rewarding her, you'd do the same thing for your SA right?? If anything maybe it's an incentive for your Sa not to get complacent (sp?)
  9. wow, that is very very nice. i used to work in retail and that really would touch my heart if a customer felt that great about my service and did that for me. YOu are such a sweetheart!
  10. I think it is very thoughtful and probably made her day. I would love if someone did that for me.
  11. I think you did a great thing. When I worked in retail if someone had done that for me, I would've cried.
  12. That was very very nice of you! That SA really deserved it.

    Good for you for being such a nice person :smile:
  13. i've done the same type of thing many times. i am told by my bf and my mom that i am too, it should be my worst fault.:shrugs:
    you made some one's day and that's a wonderful thing in my book!:yes:
    for you, mary....:heart: :flowers:
  14. You did the right thing! Esp because your SA didn't try to find them so hard....
  15. wow thats was a lovely thing for you to do. I bet the SA was thrilled, did she say anything when given them ??