Do you ever return bags and feel bad??

  1. I feel awful - I bought a Prada bag yesterday at Saks and my SA was so helpful and nice and spent all kinds of time with me - well I couldn't really sleep last night thinking the bag was fragile and maybe too formal for my life style, etc. so today I returned it and ended up getting a Dior Rebelle which will go better with my daily life. but I feel so bad that my SA will not get the commision on the sale - It was such a drastic change - from a Prada gauffe to a Dior Rebelle - Has anybody out there done that? and how do you handle it? Thx.
  2. If you going to be spending that kind of money it should work for your lifestyle. Tell her manager she was very helpful or leave one of those comment cards. There's always another Prada to buy.
  3. Nah, not really. If it doesn't work for you, it just doesn't. There will be more bags in the future :smile:
  4. i never feel bad returning if it didn't work.. i mean, u r paying for it so it has to suit ur needs...
  5. OK, I do feel a teeny bit bad, especially if a SA had been so helpful. But in the end, the customer is right, no matter how fickle we can be :rolleyes: .

    But in the end, it all evens out. I hate returning things and try to be absolutely sure before making a purchase. But, sometimes a return is necessary. Believe me, with my shopping habits there will always be more to buy later on :P
  6. Not really. I have had a few SA's try to MAKE me feel bad.
    Its all about what works for you.
  7. Well, I'm feeling better now that I have modeled my new Rebele around my bedroom in the mirror and I'm sure I made the right decision - I think that is what it is all about for me - indecision and not wanting the SA to lose a sale because I'm confused as to what I want. Anyway after this purchase I won't find myself in the bag dept. at Saks anytime soon.
  8. I shouldn't but I do. I think the SAs put that pressure on me to buy sometimes and then when I get home, I'm like, what did I just buy?
  9. I haven't returned one yet but have done some exchanges. If I had to return something though I wouldn't hesitate cause it's a lot of money. I might feel bad but I won't keep something I don't love.
  10. I feel what you're saying. I felt so bad one time that I made my husband do the return:shame: It's just that I know most of the SA's there and I have returned and exchanged a few items already, ick:shame:
  11. I never feel a shred of guilt! It's my money and I should be completely satisfied with my purchase. Period!

    That was an easy one to answer! :yes:
  12. It's your money - not the SAs. They are doing their job, but you need to get what is right for you!
  13. I totally agree with louislovesfendi818. Obviously the SAs work very hard and are trying to earn a living like everyone else, but in the end it is your money and you should do what feels right for you.
  14. I completely agree.
  15. I HATE returning anything!! I always FEEL so GUILTY!! For example...the Prada Hobo that I bought for myself...there was a post in Prada on whether or not I should keep it...and I have decided to return it because I have TOO many BROWN bags!!! (& my husband doesn't LOVE it! :rant: )

    Anyway, it is safe to assume that I STILL haven't brought it back yet! It makes me crazy! BUT, my rule of thumb...I ONLY return when I am buying a new "set" of bags...that way...she doesn't feel the hit!:P She NEVER minds and I have returned things over a year old...yikes!

    She also gets me anything I want from any Neiman Marcus accross the she makes a GREAT comission anyway...AND we've become VERY close friends...she's even taking me out to dinner to night for my birthday...well, Neiman Marcus is PAYING!!! YYEEAAAHHHHH!

    Anyway, I still ALWAYS feel bad about returning!:hysteric: