Do you ever regret you have not bought certain limited edition goodies?

  1. my biggest ever regret is the pomme d'amour hear coin purse :tdown: i cannot believe myself have missed out on that !!!!

    helpppppppp.. will LV eventually re-make them for the near future???
  2. Cersies speedy and manderin epi speedy.
    I also had the chance when i bought my neo speedy to pass it up and go on the list for the pink but didnt. :sad: but i will get pink denim yet :biggrin:
  3. yes , the grafitti

  4. you'll get another chance amarante hearts later in the year
  5. Quite a few for me they always grow on me later but I'd think the biggest ones are the cerises & perfo I was so stupid on that one
  6. Grrrr, Yes. I wish I would have gotten a Graffiti Speedy and Cerises Speedy. :cry:
  7. So far I've hunted down every single Ltd. Ed. piece I've ever missed out on (and most of them at retail or just below retail too!:nuts:).
  8. Cherry blossoms and framboise cles. I used to be obsessed with Eye Love You too.
  9. Well I cant really say "missed out on" because I wish I couldve gotten the cerises speedy but when it came out I didnt have enough money for it anyyyyway lol but I wish I could have it:heart:
  10. I wish that I had gotten the graffiti speedy 30 and a graffiti keepall! Ugh! I totally messed up on that one. I didn't have the money back then but had I known what I know now, I would have found a way to get it.
  11. I missed out on the cherry blossoms because I wasn't into LV at the time. :sad:
  12. I had it in my hands and didn't buy the Vienna Sac Fermoir!:sad:
  13. I've had most that I wanted, but sold them all. I regret selling my graffiti speedy the most. I will get that bag again someday!
  14. probably the Monogram Sophie. i didn't really like it when it first came out, but the more i saw it the more i liked it. so now i'm on a wild hunt for it :biguns:
  15. oh Label Addict... do you know when the heart will be coming out again? and in what colours?