Do you ever regret a purchase?

  1. Have you ever regreted a bbag purchase? I love my magenta city, but am wondering if it's really the bag for me.

    I was so consumed by the beautiful color, that I didn't realize I was much more of a shoulder bag kind of gal...

    Has this happened to any of you?
  2. Oh gosh Mpark! If you change your mind on your magenta city, ranskimmie is *dying* for one so please PM her.

    Hmm, I find I can get the city on my shoulder so I don't have that problem - BUT I regret a lot of purchases/sales. Thankfully for purchases I can usually resell and sometimes make a profit...I regret selling several bags though, they haunt me. BUT I know I'll find another bag to fill the void.
  3. I regret thinking the "City" size was perfect for me.
    But I don't regret buying any of my bags!
  4. i dont regret any of my b bag purchases, i think they're the best bag purchases i've made! they're beautiful yet functional yet really easy to care for. love balenciaga :love:
  5. I had major second thoughts when I opened my ink city. I pm'd a really nice pf member who told me that the same thing happened to her. It was not what I was expecting, so I put the bag away for a few days. I tried a few days later, and I am really starting to like it! I think it strange, to buy a bag sight unseen, and then try to reconcile what the bag is actually like with what you pictured it would be. Give yourself some time. If you don't end up liking it, you know that someone will gladly take it off your hands. You don't want to end up getting rid of it too quickly, and wishing you kept it.
  6. I haven't regretted any of my B-bag purchases so far. But, if you feel the magenta city isn't right for you, definitely sell it and try another style or color :smile:
  7. Cristina - I love your kitty!!! That is the BEST picture ever. I want to kiss that paw!!!
  8. I haven't regretted a purchase...yet. Hopefully that won't change!
  9. Kate Spade - a kinda doctor/bowling bag - big, still in the dustbag, never opened. Good deal though!
  10. The same goes for me :cool:
  11. Thanks :biggrin: That's Fat Mike, he's waving to everyone :P
  12. Awww I wanna hold Fat Mike :heart: So cute!
  13. I often regret impulse buys--especially when I purchase something primarily because it's on sale. If I wouldn't want it at regular price I shouldn't buy it just because it's a great deal. I'm learning, but it has been a slow process!
  14. I wanna *kiss* Fat Mike!!! LOL ---> he's adorable.
  15. I did regret some of my purchases...but was able to recuperate my money back by selling it. i guess you never know if it suits you until you have it in your possession. But thank goodness, b bags are so easy to resell!