Do you ever regret a bag you sold?

  1. I sold my beautiful black suhali Le Fab, and I really miss it. Maybe I'll have to get myself another. Has anyone else regretted or missed a bag they sold?? :yes:
  2. My white MC Speedy 30. I sold it cause it wasn't really pracitcal for me when I was up at school. But now that I'm home for the summer I miss it a ton. I'm hoping to get another one maybe at the end of the summer.
  3. Never, but then again, I don't really sell very many !
  4. Not yet I haven't, but I have only sold 2.
  5. nope! but i don't sell anything i love
  6. Absolutely. Here's my tale:

    I bought a mono Pochette Accessoires in 2002. I hadn't used it for several months and figured eh, I'll sell it on eBay. Down the line I intended to put that money towards a Recital which is what I wanted in the first place. Well, the bugger, in excellent condition, sold for mere peanuts (in Jan 06)! What a steal for the winning bidder.
    A few months later I found myself wishing I had it back (since I held off buying the Recital) and didn't have anything else in my closet that size.

    To quell all feelings of "doing without," here's what I did:
    I bought the Recital in April, love it. But I still wanted the pochette. So, I spent countless days and weeks scouring eBay. Alas, I found a better pochette accessoires: the Cerises.

    My tale of woe happened to turn out well. However, if it wasn't for this forum with everyone's gorgeous bags, I might have let it go and not bought the cerises pochette.
  7. I sold months ago a PIANO because I found it a little too small. A few months later I bought another one ! Now I think it's the perfect size !
    I did the same with a TROTTEUR. The girl who bought it from me on Ebay sent me a mail recently saying she found the Trotteur too small, she was now interested by a SMALL BUCKET I was selling on E-bay and she asked me if I would be interested in taking back the Trotteur against the Bucket. She added some money more and got the Bucket and the Trotteur came back home, and I love it ! I'm mad !
  8. Yes I sold a speedy 30 because I thought it was too big. I have a 25 now, and I pack it to the hilt when I go out, now I miss the 30. I plan on getting another one. I'm actually looking to get A French Co. vintage one. I think they are beautiful.
  9. I probably would regret it that is why I never sold one!!!
  10. I have never sold any bags but i think i would miss them.
  11. I Have Never Sold Any Of My Bags Either
  12. I have never sold any of my bags either, I would probably regret it if I did.
  13. I keep telling myself that I should because I haven't used some of them, but I don't want to regret it later!!! I do sell my non-LV bags though.
  14. I NEVER miss a Bag or a old Friend once they are out of my life ...!!!!!!!!!!!! NO REGRETS EVER!!!!!!!!!
    When I get rid of them its because they started to get ugly and I have no use for them anymore..I need something Else that is New & beautiful in my life...SO your answer is NO REGRETS!!!!!!!!
  15. Not yet but I hope not.