Do you ever recruit people for tPF?

  1. I work at starbucks in Target and when I see people with LVs or other designer bags, I tell them about pursefoum and to join.

    Does anyone else do this? Has anyone had sucess?
  2. My SA and I have talked about it, and I've talked about it with people I've seen browsing at Saks and NM. No idea whether they've joined or not.
  3. I talk with other shoppers at NM and Nordies. Cute doggies. I love my Cairn terrier.
  4. This belongs more in General Discussion. :yes:
  5. Haha, when you said you worked at starbucks at target, I had to see where you lived!! The manager at my target starbucks always comments on my bags and I have thought about telling her about tpf :biggrin:
  6., OT but that must be a nice Target to have Starbucks in it! Ours here aren't the best, except for the newer 2 story one but it's pretty far away.
    Anyway, lol..I never recruit people for TPF. I guess I'm a little selfish and like to have this place to myself. :lol:
  7. i've told one of my bff's about it but she's not so computer literate so I don't know if she's signed up yet or not.
  8. Anyway, lol..I never recruit people for TPF. I guess I'm a little selfish and like to have this place to myself. :lol:

    That's how I am, too. DH knows all about it, though. Some of my friends know I post on a handbag forum but they don't know which one or the amount of time I'm actually here.
  9. i think there are several locations around here that have Starbucks located in Target. the one near my parents' house for sure has one, and the one in downtown Mpls (where Target headquarters is located) also has one.

    back on topic... i don't recall ever talking about tpf with anyone around here, or any of my friends, even... but have been tempted to ask when i see a woman with a nice handbag, if she's a member. sometimes, i think they'll look at me like i'm weird if they don't know what i'm talking about.
  10. No, but I should! :p
  11. I do try but I never actually works out. When the Miroir bags came in to Louis Vuitton there was one on display in my local LV so I was telling this SA (I have never met before) about TPF and how people love these bag but she blanked me as If I was a moron and didnt have any interest :s
  12. LOL

    I told some of my coworkers about it and they think I'm nuts. hee hee
  13. well many of my eBay buyers asked me to join & eventually I did, so glad that i did :smile: Now i tell all my friends to join!
  14. haha nope! It would be fun to have a friend on here with me, but sadly my friends could care less really. :smile:
  15. I tend not too, I''m afraid of diluting the quality on here (KWIM?)