Do you ever really dislike a bag then see pictures of people wearing them

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  1. and start thinking "wow that's really cute/nice, etc" ? and then start loving it?

    I've done this with several LV bags. Convinced I don't like them but see them again (usually here on tPF) and decide wow I want that. LOL. Is it just me?

    If you've done this too, with which bags? For me, I thought I didn't like the Mono Speedy and White MC bags and now I love them :love:
  2. Yep, For ever i have not liked the petite noe, I did like it in the mini monogram style. But after seeing member wear the bag I have changed my mind.
    Same with the damier i only like the Ribera, now after seeing so many other bags on members i'm changing my thoughts.

    I think seeing members model bags also helps others see how the bag can be worn. Whether its dressy or casual. Also gives you an idea how big the the bag looks on different size people. I find this to be useful when you dont have an LV store close and are ordering online or phone.
  3. YES!!! Belive it or not, that is EXACTLY what happened with Cerises Speedy!!!:amazed:
  4. I did not like the Suhali leather, But then i saw it in the store and loved it.
  5. The speedy.. strangely enough.
  6. That happened to me w/ LV in general :shame: and it still happens w/ several pieces.
    I hated the Alma shape and liked the Multicolor line only on smaller pieces like wallets etc. And then I bought my black MC Alma :lol: and I loooooooooove it!
    I also wasn't too crazy for the Mono Speedy until I saw a young girl w/ one that looked pretty new and clean and just... cute :love:
  7. all the time!
    i see a picture of it .. try it on in store .. convinced that 'its not me' and i don't like it .. see someone wearing it looking so fabulous (eg. LV_addict) and suddenly it doesn't look that bad after all .. and go back in store to try it on again ..
  8. All the time !!!!
    My wish list is growing especially after seeing LVaddict and the other ladies with their new bags...LOL
  9. All the time. Its a horrible cycle.
  10. All the time...I say to myself that I will put one of my bags on ebay to sell since I HAVE NOT USED IT in awhile then ........BAM...I see it on tv or out on someone then I say ..NOPE not going to sell it LOL
  11. Yep! I didn't like think I would like the Spy as much as I do now. I also didn't think the bag would be a hot item for a long time. But now I own one and hope it does stay around for awhile.
  12. Yes! I hated the perfo bags until I saw them out of the store. They're kinda cute when carried...but I still won't be buying one.
  13. OMG I feel the same way about that Bag:yes:
  14. speedy, LOL. i hated the sag, now i have 2
  15. Seeing the bag on someone or a pic of someone carrying it makes a HUGE difference for me. :yes:

    I might look at a bag in a pic or sitting on the store shelf and think "eh", but then see someone carrying it and think "Wow!" LOL :biggrin:

    It can work the opposite direction for me as well. :blink: