Do you ever purposely go looking for fakes on ebay to report them?


Sep 9, 2006
I spent like an hour doing this last night :lol: I think I reported about five obvious fakes in that time.

I'm a trademark lawyer though, so I won't be surprised if I'm the only one who finds this an amusing hobby. ;)
I would if I knew eBay cared, but if you tried to keep track of all the ones you reported, you'd be sad to see very few of them ever get pulled.
I don't have that kind of time to waste.
I have reported the ones that 'made me look' today. Last year I was reporting the fakes of the brand I know and few were pulled. Now they are pulled, makes me feel good. I even told a seller her bag was fake and she could get in trouble and she pulled her auction. Now the hijacks, ebay should be knocking those out before they get listed. I wonder, an account that has been unused for years and all of a sudden has 30-100 new items with the same title, high shipping, one day BIN? Humm, could they be for real?