Do you ever purchase same bag diff. color?

  1. Just wondering how many of you ever purchase the same bag but in different colors. Last night I went to Nordstroms and bought the sig. gallery tote in both khaki and chocolate. Now I'm debating if I made the wrong choice. Should I have bought different styles? I have a lot of Coach bags (over a dozen) so it's not like I don't have others, but I fell in love with the size and style. What do you all think?

    The worse part was that I went shopping for a black bag but didn't like anything I saw in black, LOL!
  2. I've got it in khaki and use it almost every day. Perfect size and very convenient. Light color looks good with most everything. I suppose chocolate would too.
  3. I purchased the same signature wristlet in two different colors. I don't think it really matters because it's your preference. That bag you got is very versatile and a classic style!
  4. I'm not a fan of the khaki, but love the black and brown. Also LOVING the gold patchwork novelty one.
  5. If I had the budget for it right now, I'd buy that bag in sigi AND the mahogany patent - it's such a great roomy bag!
  6. Oh my God!! I so did this yesterday...this summer I bought a shoulder tote in khaki and white, and yesterday I got the same exact bag in chocolate!!!! If you love the style while not enjoy it in a different color!!!!
  7. Holly - That's so funny. I actually did the same thing this summer too. I bought the Khaki/vachetta shoulder tote and the denim patchwork. As a matter of fact, I almost bought the chocolate one yesterday but thought that THREE of the same style was too much which is why I bought the gallery tote, thus ending up with two of them! Love that chocolate color!
  8. I do it, too. I bought the Legacy Shoulder Zip in black leather and in khaki signature. Also, I have two small Soho Flap bags - one in black leather and the other in black signature.

    I do this even more with clothing! I have a few sweaters where I bought 3-4 colors in the same style.
  9. Buttons..LOL!! That cracks me up!!!! You should have bought the chocolate tote too, I love it... You can never have too much of a good thing esp. purses!!
  10. Same here. I have the Mandy in Whiskey (I actually have 2 and am deciding if I am going to ebay one) and now I have one in charcoal suede.
  11. I purchase the same bag in different colors quite often. I have two swing packs, two demis, two wristlets, and two LV speedys.
  12. I don't. There are too many other styles to choose from :/ Though I really wanted to get a suede version of my hobo flap thingy today, I had to resist.
  13. I do! Just click on the link in my sig and go to the Coach section and see for yourself!
  14. I got two key and change.
  15. I think when you know what style works best for you, you would be foolish NOT to buy it in more than one color! Variety is great, but we all know we have bags we favor because they are easier to use. When there is a great style, I will gladly buy more than one color!