do you ever mix monograms

  1. i was thinking about this yesterday, wouldn't it look off if someone had a gucci bag and pulled out a multicolore mc vuitton wallet out of it? i dont have many designer things and i barely ever wear them together if they are different brands, i mean i think hermes would go with almost everything because of its simplicity but does anyone agree?
  2. i try not to mix monograms if possible, although i have been guilty of using a gucci wallet in an LV bag........but i definitely think that it looks a lot nicer when somebody pulls an LV wallet and change purse out of an LV bag, and a gucci wallet and gucci accessories out of a gucci bag....or else just more neutral accessories that don't scream one designer's name :P
  3. yeah i mean it doesnt look awful but i dont know maybe new a pet peeve of mine i have a habit of bieng really padantic about unimportan things
  4. No mono mixing here. I'm nitpicky about those things.
  5. I don't mix either. I have a simple Prada wallet that I use with everything.
  6. I thought about this yesterday. I just bought my first Fendi Spy and all my wallets and my checkbook cover are LV.

    How annoying. I'm not going to go out and buy a Fendi wallet. I already spent too much on the bag. I'll probably just buy a regular wallet with no logos or something.

    But when it boils down to it who really cares what your wallet looks like. The only person who ever sees it is the person helping you at store during checkout.
  7. i've been using a Burberry Continental Wallet for about a year now, and i use it with all my bags, regardless of the designer. i don't think it really matters what wallet you use with what bag. like Iluvbags said, the only person who ever sees it is the checkout person.
  8. Right now I only have a Chanel cambon wallet and a Gucci wallet and a Chanel cell phone holder...all my bags are Gucci or Chanel except for the Fendi spy bag. It is hard enough changing bags let alone wallets everyday. It would be my preference to use the same brand wallet with the bag but in reality it doesnt happen. I barely have time to get out the door in the morning as it is to get to work on time! Now for main evening bag is a Chanel bag and I leave a lil Cambon credit card holder in there since all I need is ID, cash and a credit card (and vehicle registration which I typically forget to put in there).
  9. i do that all the time.. i hope that's not too weird 'cuz i only have one wallet... i have the vernis french purse, and i have 3 bags, the onatah, a prada, and a chanel so whenever i switch purses, my wallet goes with that purse :biggrin:
    is that weird?
  10. you must be talking about me! today I'm carrying my gucci tote w/my lv black mc pmbv...with no shame...I'm not a HUGE gucci fan, but I like it enough. my husband bought the bag for me for mother's day, and i've never gotten around to getting a gucci wallet or another gucci bag yet...but as soon as i do, i PROMISE never to mix monograms again!! ;)
  11. It's waaaay too much of a hassle to switch your bag AND wallet! I do not have to patience to do that every time I switch my bags. I have a Fendi wallet that is pretty discrete, so I don't think everyone would even be able to tell what it is if they saw it.
  12. no offense to lv but i think gucci has better wallet designs than lv. the smaller lv wallets are so small with only maybe 3 credit card slots. and the big ones are so big and thick that they dont fit in small purses like thier pouchette. so i'd rather stick with a gucci wallet with any other designer bags instead of the other way around...
  13. I'm just starting to collect designer, so have been focusing mainly on bags and don't have much of a problem w/ clashing monograms b/c I don't have any monogram wallets or anything, lol. I guess I would feel sort of odd bringing, for example, an LV multi-color pouchette out of a signature coach beaded bag (I own the beaded bag and want the pouchette). But that's the least of my problems since I don't even have the pouchette yet:smile:
  14. I have worn a Guess belt and a Fendi bag or Manolo heels with a Chanel. I think my wallet is pathetic compared to my purses.
  15. Me too...I have one gucci wallet. Black mono with the red and green stripes. I love it to death. It goes where I go... in LV, Fendi and coach bags. It is weird, but I find it even weirder to have to switch all my photos, cards, cash and little papers from one wallet to another!!! I am tempted too, but have NO TIME!!!
    I ADMIT, I really felt and looked good when I carried my Gucci black mono bag, it just seemd like the pot found its cover!