Do you ever Love a Handbag's Style that you buy one in every color???

  1. It all started with the Legacy Ali Slim Flap. I purchased one in Whiskey and realized this is my "perfect Handbag". It's so comfortable - holds more than you would think and actually stands by itself when filled. I love this handbag!! Finally a bag that looks Beautiful and doesn't hurt my shoulder.

    Next I find out (on this forum) this bag comes in Signature khaki/White leather and I had to have it too!! It would be perfect for spring and summer and look great with my white Tennis shoes. I find one on eBay. Then I purchase on eBay this same style from the Resort collection Denim sig/white leather---this will be perfect when wearing jeans--Right?

    I'm at the Coach outlet before Christmas and find this same "perfect bag " in Dark Brown Signature!!!! Be still my heart I have to have you too--- and at outlet price even!!! and while I am there they also had the signature khaki/Brown leather one-- I buy it too!!!

    Now remember my true love is the Leather Whiskey ---this weekend I am at the Las Vegas Outlet and they have it in Black Leather!!! I had never seen or knew it came in BLACK--- I know eveyone needs a black leather handbag so I purchase it also---Help, am I crazy?? I now own this style in 6 colors!!

    Whiskey Leather
    Sig Khaki/White
    Sig Denim/White Resort Collection
    Signature Dark Brown
    Sig Khaki/Dk Brown (I may not keep this one)
    and now Black Leather!!

    I have only taken the tags off and used the Whiskey--- but soon I will take the tags off and start also using the khaki/white Slim Flap (It's Beautiful in this color) Please don't tell me there is another color I don't have!!!

    Am I the only one this crazy ?? :shrugs:
  2. nope. b/c i already favor bleecker & i want them in every color & style.
  3. thankgoodness I am not alone in my handbag madness!!
  4. I have fell in love with the Leigh. I have one in black and my gardenia one will be arriving later on today. I want another one....maybe next PCE...hmmm Now you got me thinking! hehe Let see some pics of you Ali family! I've never seen the khaki/white so if you could please post a pic of that one especially.
  5. You are not alone in your obsession. I have five Ali's - one in every color made.
    I also have two Bleeker Duffles - I love this bag so much I could see myself getting
    one in every color - alas my pocketbook cannot take this unless they go to the outlets
    and I find them at a steal. I really love the duffle bag alot. I also have six Ergo Bags-
    four from 2007 and two from 2002 - and I am getting at least two new Ergos this year. So no, you are not alone here.
  6. I've been that way with the large leather Carly. One in every color.
  7. If I could own the '07 shoulder bags in every color I'd be in heaven!! For some reason, this bag style is just so attractive to me!! I want one in clay, camel, and citron the most!!!
  8. I don't think it's crazy at all. I've bought many bags that look great... and sit in my closet. Once in a while, I find a style that works for me, that I actually use, and buy them in multiple colors. My latest "works for me bags": large bleecker duffle (black and magenta, plus, might get the grass green for spring?!), legacy leather satchel (whiskey, khaki, pond, sig/black) and legacy leather ali (white and black).

    ...or maybe we are both crazy? :nuts:
  9. YES! I want carly in leather in chilli
    I want carly in med in brown and I want carly in large in black....

    Oi the choices.
  10. I have the Legacy Shoulder Pocket bag in 4 colors now. (i sold 2) and have the Bleecker Duffle in Wine, Magenta and Canary! :smile:
  11. Oh wow! A black leather slim flap at the outlet??? I have it in white leather and want it in black!! Darn, I wish my outlet was closer! I love that bag! Congratulations!

    ETA: It came in: white, black, whiskey, natural, rose and camel in leather. In signature: khaki/white, khaki/ebony, khaki/beet, khaki/gold (I think) and brown/brown. In canvas: white/citron, blue/, brown/parchment. In cotton: denim. In suede: plum

    There may have been an espresso suede but I've never seen it. The plum I saw on eBay.
  12. I like to have some variance but that being said I have also fallen in love with the ali (full size) and I now have one in white and whiskey. I just didn't want to get another in that color because I would rather have some different styles of bags.. but you are not crazy... if you love them, keep them!!! BTW they also made that in natural leather, white leather, khaki/black signature and in khaki/beet! There may even be more! :nuts: Post pics of your beautiful collection!!! :tup:
  13. I have the medium carly in brown and black (just purchased yesterday) and hopefully soon I'll have the khaki/red combo!
  14. GUILTY! :shame: I own 6 large Ergo hobos (patent red, white, black/leather black, turquoise, vintage). I own a black and a whiskey Ali. I adore the white Ali but I am so afraid of color transfer! I own a large black leather Carly and a large cotton denim Carly. To top this all off I have two Mirandas. Yikes!:wtf: I would have some nerve calling anyone nuts! :blink:
  15. Yes I will do that with everything not just purses. If I find something I love I buy as many as I can.