Do you ever lose something to have it show up right were you looked?!?

  1. OH! Drives me crazy! I go to look for something, or notice something is in it's spot...I check again and in the near by area :confused1:. Where the heck did it go :cursing: So, off I go, looking every I can think of, tearing the house apart...only to finally give up and go back to where you started and :push: there it is!

    Today, on my cleaning binge I have been I decided to clean up my DVD bookcase as it was overflowing with stuff that doesn't belong I like my DVDs grouped by genre (I know :rolleyes:)....anyway the sex and the city CD was missing...I go through all 4 shelves, NO! On the TV, NO. Could it have fallen behind, NO. On the stereo, somehow mixed in with the CDs, No....ok, I go through every drawer, shelf, nook and cranny in the living last check on the DVD bookshelf....NO, ack!

    OK, maybe it somehow got mixed wuth the kids DVDs...follow the same routine as the living room, NO....:idea: maybe I left it in the hobby/barbie room (was I watching it on the portable DVD player??)...NO! Middle son has some DVDs in his room, can't imaging it's there, but I'll's not there, but about 20 other ones are, along with the portable DVD player.

    Fine, now it's been about 45 minutes...I give up and figure I must have loaned it out, and can't remember...I take down the CDs from son's room and head downstairs to finish my project. Right there staring me in the face is the DVD :shocked::weird::wacko:
  2. Please tell me I am not alone....does this happen to you??
  3. I do this ALL the time. When we lived with my SO's parents, I used to blame it on his Grandma(who has passed)...I always said that was her way of telling the family she accepted me:p.
    Now that we live alone....I have absolutely no explanation for it lol.
  4. yeah it actually happens quite frequently. it's weird.
  5. My husband tells me I'm nuts but , this happens to me all the darn time!
  6. all the time! :yes: Keys, tv remote, books, rosters, my brain!:p
  7. Tink, you're not alone! It happens to me too, but it's always either my keys or my sunnies.

    No matter how long I look or how hard I search, undoubtably my DH will look for three seconds in only one place--that I've already scoured--and find them.
  8. YES!

    this just happened to me I lost my Cranet de bal with one of my Credit cards in I looked everywhere through every bag nope not there...then last night I picked up an empty bag and thought oo that feels heavy and pow there it is in the pocket, I swear I checked that bag!
  9. All the annoys me bacuase I can't tell if I somehow missed it the first time, or what.
  10. Yes, and sometimes it feels downright creepy because I'll find something in a place where I KNOW I've looked before and could swear it wasn't there!:rant:
  11. All the time! Clothes, shoes, purse, phone, keys!
  12. my husband goes through this a lot!
  13. Yeah this happens to my husband all the time. I always lose things and then just end up finding them in Jackets that I haven't worn in a year.
  14. I chalk it up to a black hole that floats around in my house. Slightly OT, but my DH and I are convinced that our cats can teleport themselves short distances.
  15. Tink you are not alone. It happens to be all the time, more than I care to admit. I'm always misplacing my wallet, keys, glasses, and cell phones.