Do you ever leave your designer bag unattended?


Mar 6, 2006
i must admit, i leave my bag unattended sometimes...but i usually don't leave for long when i do that. there are some really good people out there though, because once my bf's LV wallet fell out of his pocket in class and we thought he had lost it but some one picked it up, took it with them and even called the insurance company to report that they had found it!! he was VERY lucky!! but there are bad people out there too, bc my aunt once got her LV purse stolen from grocery cart


Feb 13, 2006
ArmCandyLuvr said:
I don't leave my bag anywhere for a second. My boyfriend's father was one of the vice presidents of a well-known brokerage firm. Most of his co-workers were making $100,000+ per year. Not exactly people who would need to steal to get what they want. He left his wallet in the inside pocket of his coat which was hanging on the back of his chair. It was stolen sometime when he was away from his desk. The person who stole it took his credit cards to Atlantic City and hit the casinos.

I remember reading somewhere that coat/jacket pockets are the first places thieves will try to steal from -- it's quick and very easily accessible. I admit that I used to leave my wallet in my coat, but after hearing about this, I have locked it with my bag in the desk drawer...

I once left my bag unattended at a wedding. I hid it under my seat, but I did keep checking from time to time if it was still there! :biggrin:


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
I'm anal when it comes to my backpack or handbags. I never leave anything unattended since I just don't trust the people around me unless they're my friends. I had my wallets stolen twice and a pager stolen once in school so I'm all paranoid now.


Well & truly Plumed
Feb 28, 2006
bluekit said:
Oh. I always leave my bag unattended, sitting in my office, smiling at the world. If I need to go to my car, I grab my cles and go. I leave my purse behind. I hope I won't get punished for that!

Well... your bag will punish you by hiding if you neglect it for too long ;)

You're lucky that no one is dishonest where you are.