Do you ever leave your designer bag unattended?


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Dec 15, 2005
blackbutterfly said:
the only time i do is at work, and even then, i lock my drawer...i can't see leaving a $1200 bag just out there...i can't see leaving a $200 bag out there. my purses are important to me.

one thing i do for school is put a pochette in my bag. it holds my phone, wallet, sidekick, etc., and when i need to run somewhere, i just grab the pochette. you should think about that...that way you'll have a designer bag you want, and something portable as well.

That's a really good idea! I should keep that in mind if I ever use a big bag again.


Nov 1, 2005
I never left anything unattended while I was at school! No matter how safe you feel, you just never know. I remember reading the school newspaper about several instances of theft off-campus because people would leave their windows unlocked. I think it's relatively easy for random people to get into public spaces at school because if everyone has that same sense of assurance, they'd be able to take advantage of it. At work, I leave my purse unattended since our suite is locked at all times.
Feb 26, 2006
I don't leave my bag anywhere for a second. My boyfriend's father was one of the vice presidents of a well-known brokerage firm. Most of his co-workers were making $100,000+ per year. Not exactly people who would need to steal to get what they want. He left his wallet in the inside pocket of his coat which was hanging on the back of his chair. It was stolen sometime when he was away from his desk. The person who stole it took his credit cards to Atlantic City and hit the casinos.

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
I do all the time, (in shopping cart, chari in restaurant to go to restroom, car seat, etc. )there is very little crime where I live. I kow I shouldn't though. If someone did steal my bag it would be for what they thought was in the bag not the bag itself.


Dec 13, 2005
I threw my husband a surprise party last Friday night and left my Chanel classic flap unattended the entire evening. I never even thought about it until the party was over. I must admit I panicked because I hadn't seen it since I laid it down on a table four hours earlier. To my surprise and delight my bag was there, but I will NEVER do that again!

Jan 3, 2006
I was trying on trench coats at Gap last week. I had my two children in one of those mall car strollers. Long story short, I left my mono speedy 30 on the floor by the coats while I strolled my kids to the dressing room mirrors. :shame: I only noticed it was missing because the reason why I was buying a new trench was to match my speedy. Luckily as I was about to spaz, a very nice customer found it and figured out it was mine. :smile: I was very lucky.

My MIL was in Walmart a few weeks ago; she left her purse in the shopping cart and stepped two feet away. A women then grabbed her bag and started running. If it wasn't for security watching this on the overhead camera, my MIL would have never gotten her bag back.


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Feb 24, 2006
Cristina said:
Only at work, when I'm in another area of the office. If it is unattended, for example it's in my car, I'll stick it in the trunk or on the floor of the backseat under a sweatshirt I keep in there.

I do the same with my bag. I'm paranoid though, so even with my backpack in college, I would take it with me whereever I go. Unless I'm hanging out at the computer lab, in which I know everyone there--they are all in the same major--and I'm only running out to grab some food or to the bathroom, then I'll just grab my wallet & cellphone and leave the bag.


Jan 16, 2006
Oh. I always leave my bag unattended, sitting in my office, smiling at the world. If I need to go to my car, I grab my cles and go. I leave my purse behind. I hope I won't get punished for that!