Do you ever leave your designer bag unattended?

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  1. I'm at college and sometimes, when i need to go off from the table in the library, i just grab my wallet and phone with me and leave everything else unattended in the library. I know many of you are non-students, but are there situations where you have done something like this, in the knowledge that it is unlikely that anyone will steal it since it is like a 'private' space (say in the office) rather than in public?

    I'm asking this because i'm thinking of getting a nice designer bag for college soon but i'm scared that if it's a designer bag,, it may just tempt pple to nick it!
  2. I leave mine unattended all the time at school.... I don't worry at all, I don't think I go to school with shady people. Edit: It's a small college town and our only crime is bicycle theft, but the thieves usually return the bikes later! Hilarious.
  3. the only time i do is at work, and even then, i lock my drawer...i can't see leaving a $1200 bag just out there...i can't see leaving a $200 bag out there. my purses are important to me.

    one thing i do for school is put a pochette in my bag. it holds my phone, wallet, sidekick, etc., and when i need to run somewhere, i just grab the pochette. you should think about that...that way you'll have a designer bag you want, and something portable as well.
  4. I definitely wouldn't leave any bag (designer or not) unattended. It would be a perfect target for someone to swoop in and take it. At a former job, my boss had her bag stolen out of a desk drawer in her private office. The theif ran up all of her credit cards in hours! I would rather see you be safe than sorry, take your bag with you.
  5. i'll leave a bag unattended when i hop up to refill my drink in the dining hall or something as long as it's not obviously expensive - LV mono or something like that (no reason to tempt fate by being obvious, lol). i've never had a problem, i've heard of the occassional snatched iPod in the library or something, but i don't know anyone that is afraid to leave a purse on their table.

    although last year i watched a girl leave what appeared to be an authentic Dior doctor bag (tan logo fabric with red leather trim) unattended on her table to go get lunch, and i thought about snatching it and running, lol. but i didn't think about it for too long...
  6. BE CAREFUL!!! I went to a small, private law school that seemed so very safe! But then a group of thieves targeted the library! I once took some money and my laptop with me to go across the street to get a bottled water. My friends were sorta keeping an eye on my stuff since it was in a study carrel across from them. When I got back, my backpack was GONE! I thought it was joke--turned out that someone had stolen it.

    I had to cancel all my cards, get new ID, had to call AAA to make a copy of my key. Had the locks to my apartment changed, etc. Now I would NEVER leave anything unattended anywhere. This was just a stupid Northface backpack that they stole. I didn't even have a designer purse! My advice is NEVER leave ANYTHING unattended, regardless of whether it's designer or not.
  7. It was fine to leave things alone at my school too. I went to a larger university where people could leave almost anything around, especially in the library. There were computers all over the place! The only time we had to worry or lock things up were football Saturdays. I wouldn't be wary of getting a designer bag---most college students wouldn't recognize it, let alone steal it. Take your wallet with you!!
  8. No way Jose!!!!!!!!!
    I live in an affluent area, we tend to think our neighbors wouldn't steal from us, ya know?
    But it's not the neighbors, thieves aren't always stupid, they go to the areas that have what they want!

    Scary thing, thieves have stopped stealing purses from cars here, now they steal your garage door opener and registration -it has your home addy on it. They know you're not home, so they go to your house in through the garage!
  9. You're so right, Swanky... My ex-boyfriend's family lives in the best neighborhood in my hometown and no joke, somebody tries to break in every other month. They've succeeded so many times that the insurance company has said one more time and they're not going to cover them anymore... and this is WITH a state of the art alarm system. It's really crazy what thieves can do nowadays.
  10. I'd never leave my sandwich unattended, let alone my bag when I was at school. I don't think it's a good idea to leave anything unattended
    Now at the office, since you have to badge to get in or take the elevator, I feel safe hiding my bag in my drawers when I go for lunch.

    IMHO, if you're going to uni with your bag, don't ever leave it unattended. If you need to pop out of the library (for the loo or whatev), perhaps you could ask the people at the desk to keep it for a minute?
  11. lol So funny! Kleptos abound, and they're hungry! :Push:
  12. yeah, actually i do... i guess some people around here just dont know what a designer bag is! ha ha!
  13. I'm so forgetful. I've left my purse in class twice and forgot. On the way out, someone has always given it to me. A lot of honest people go there. My university is pretty good.
  14. Yeah, but they'd take it for what's inside. I read an article in Eve last year that now they steal the bags to sell them off and just chuck what's inside.
  15. Only at work, when I'm in another area of the office. If it is unattended, for example it's in my car, I'll stick it in the trunk or on the floor of the backseat under a sweatshirt I keep in there.