Do you ever layer scents?

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  1. I love to combine 2 different perfumes sometimes. Lately I've been wearing DKNY Cashmere Mist but then I will also spray a light layer of Bulgari's Omni on my pulse points (inside wrists, behind my ear). The 2 scents really combine well to make a nice hybrid scent.
    Anyone else do this and what 2 perfumes do you like to layer?
  2. All the time! Especially if one fragrance is missing a note that I want, such as a sandalwood base or some cedar or jasmine... then I spray another scent that has it.
  3. ooh me too! That must be why I like the Omni - it has sandalwood and amber.....yummmm.
  4. I layer two of the Jo Malone scents, vintage gardenia and orange blossom. It combines to make a really interesting smell.
  5. She designs them to be layered, doesn't' she? They actually are a little dull when worn alone. I wish her scents lasted longer on the skin... (I love her Orange Blossom... mixed with a number of her other scents.)
  6. I never do that only cause i usually have 1 perfume at a time but sometimes i wear scented lotion and perfume.
  7. What I usually do for every day wear is mix my Bath and Body works bodywash and lotion with my actual perfume. The white cherry blossom smell goes perfectly with my Envy Me perfume, and keeps it smelling all through the day.
  8. I love to layer perfumes. That's so fun and unique!
  9. nope. i barely get around to spraying perfume... =P

    i used to be better at dolling up when i was younger... =P
  10. hmm id love to hear some more combos to try out!
  11. I layer sprays and perfume. I have not found any perfumes that I like to layer together yet.
  12. I also layer Jo Malone but I use the body lotion in Grapefruit and then the Lime Basil & Mandarin over the top. i love it and get a lot of comments about it. It also maintains the fragrance longer.
  13. That sounds yummy.
  14. I don't know. I recently discovered her line so I'm still in the learning phase.
  15. It's always a hit and miss when I mix scents. My bf tends to like it when I just stick with one.