do you ever just feel stupid?

  1. have any of you ever had days when you just felt like such a complete moron/loser? how do you get your confidence to bounce back?

    i tend to be super pessimistic (read more into negative things than positive) and over-analyze EVERYTHING... my SO has really helped me see that a lot of it is just my negativity, and i'm trying hard to change. but is it just me?
  2. No. It's not just you. I have whole stupid days, where I seem to be on a roll of being great at being and feeling stupid. (Hey! That's a good thing if you're great at SOMETHING, right? :smile:)

    Read your blog when you're feeling that way. Doesn't sound like a "moron" wrote that, now does it? You very obviously are not a moron. Now YOU just have to concentrate on feeling it.
  3. have the same feelings and feeling that way for the last year LOL

    SO you're not alone...

    unfortunately, i haven't found the answer yet... =(

    Glad you have a supportive SO. my ex was one of the stupid decisions i made - stupid to believe he was a good guy and not get out of the relationship sooner and investing so much energy and time to him and the relationship and making all the sacrifices that i made for the relationship.... the list goes on....

    feel better soon gal!

  4. you are definitely NOT alone!!

    Everyone goes through it, but glad to know that you have your dear SO to help you look at the brighter side of things...

    Remember, glass half-full, not empty!!! :yes:
  5. I used to feel this way quite a lot when I was a teenager, but it slowly lessened. I can't remember now the last time that I felt that way. I don't know why this changed, but I'm glad it's gone.

    My mom, however, has been battling this all her life. I've tried for years to "talk her" out of it, but I've come to the conclusion that this is just not "one of those things."

    I wish I knew the answers.
  6. Oh yeah, ALL the time. :sad:
  7. Some of the people that I work with make me feel that way all the time. :sad: I hate it, but I probably have to stay here until early September. To get myself through those bad times, I think about all the nice things that I do have going on - wonderful family, a few close, true friends, and I'm getting married/moving into a house with FH in the fall! So I have a lot to look forward to.

    I find that focusing on all the positive things always beats out any bad feelings.
  8. well now that you say so I am at an internship and everyone goes to harvard and cornell and MIT and I got to a small school and it makes me feel like the looser/ dummy of the bunch. So yes I have those feelings and they are amplified for the next 10 weeks:s
  9. i have forgetful days, i blame my kids...but truthfully it is me.
  10. Do you spend a lot of time with coworkers or other people who bring you down? Do you think you're generally unhappy with job or some other part of your life? If so, then you may need to make some changes to bring positive energy into your life. If things are going well, it's really a mindset, you need to tell yourself and convince yourself that your life is good. On some days it will take more work than others -- but you can do it. Have you thought about doing volunteer work, and helping others that are less fortunate than you? I volunteer, and I have found that it always makes me feel better helping other people out.
  11. Ahh I hate those stupid days.. those days where it seems that everything that comes out of your mouth makes you seem like a complete idiot.

    But I usually come out of that rut after a couple of days.. thank God LOL.
  12. awwwww... thank you guys SO SO SO much for being supportive... i hate bugging my boyfriend, b/c he's always so super nice and i don't want to drag him down all the time. you guys are such sweethearts.

    aslan, thanks for your comments too - i have also progressively gotten better over the years, and am trying to remind myself it's not as it seems.

    rowanoak, i feel like i'm having a "whole" stupid day - wish i could have a whole "smart" day, haha :smile:.

    do you guys know that knock-knock joke where you keep answering "banana", the other person asks "banana who?" and you just start over again with "knock knock" until you finally answer "orange - orange you glad i didn't say banana?" i just met one of my coworker's little kids, and was telling them this knock-knock joke, except i kept saying "orange", and when it came to the punch line i blanked and said, "wait, let me start over." and the kid was like, "no, i'm bored. i'm going to go play." rats.
  13. :biggrin: This is why I lay off on jokes. I'm so bad at punchlines..DH would laugh just listening to my joke disaster

    I think everyone has their fair share of stupid moments. I know I do. :biggrin:
  14., lol.

    I had my final in Business, and I could hardly do any of it. If I'm lucky I'll get a D. Thank goodness the rest of my grades were good enough this semester that I'll pass with a C or B ;)
  15. Awwww don't worry, everyone feels like this sometimes.
    I usally feel like it in certain situations (e.g around certain ppl who talk down to me, in certain classes where everyone except me seems to be a freakin' genius...).

    Usually these feeling pass with a bit of time, and with a supportive SO around you, you should be feeling like your good ol' self again in no time - remember, everybody is equally valuable, there's no such thing as someone else being 'better than you' and if anyone tries to make you feel bad it's because they're tangled up in their own insecurities. HUGS!;)