Do you ever hide your Coach buys??

  1. So watching the Today Show this morning they said that 82% of people hide some of their purchases from their spouse/SO. I was kind of shocked that the percentage was that high!

    I have never hidden anything Coach from my bf, but he understands my obsession because he has his own obsessions. :love:

    So my question to my fellow Coach ladies is, have you ever hid any of your Coach purchases from your SO??
  2. ALL THE TIME!!! If he doesn't see if for awhile and then you break it out one day it isn't NEW!!! lol
  3. Oh gosh.. sometimes I lied about the prices too.. I know.. I am bad :shame::hysteric:
  4. I don't because I just don't think it is right for mutual respect. If he was just my bf and we didn't share finances then I wouldn't care because it wouldn't be any of his business really unless we were mutually saving for a wedding or house. I just couldn't lie to DH and would expect that he would do the same for me.
  5. I HIDE THEM (or just neglect to mention them) all the time!
  6. i've never hidden or lied about anything that i have ever purchased. i just can't do that. i talk to him first. i guess because i would want that same respect from him.
  7. Sometimes I do. But for the most part NO! DH is OK with my purses and is often with me when I purchase them. He even does my returns for me since he is near a Coach store once a week.:yes:
  8. Yep, I have been known to smuggle the dustbag up to my closet before....and then think of a good time/place to tell him about it. HAHA!!! It does stink to do that though....for example, my '06 whiskey Legacy shoulder bag is still in hiding. I bought her like December 2nd.... sniff....I take her out and look at her while he's at work but she hasn't gotten to really come out to play yet. Sigh...
    LOL! And it's not like I have some mean hubby or anything...he's the NICEST guy....but he doesn't understand girls and their handbags....he thinks I shiould ONLY get one for a special reason, otherwise it's not special. He just doesn't get it....they are ALL special, no matter when we get them! Sorry for rambling...heehee.
  9. I don't hide my Coach bags but I have lied about the price. I have said the bag costs MORE so I don't have to say I spent $$$ on a keyfob or wristlet!! I know this sounds crazy! He doesn't mind what I spend on bags but thinks the accessories are way overpriced!!
  10. Well, I "hid" my new Mandy right in front of the TV yesterday. We watched TV all night and finally about 10:00 he said "Is that Mom's purse?" His mom is staying with us, so a valid question. I said "No, that is my new eBay purchase. My search for the perfect handbag is over and there she is!" He said nothing. I tried to get him to look at her closely and realize how awesome Mandy truly is, but he could care less. So no need to hide around here I guess. :smile:
  11. My husband travels a lot so he doesn't always know when I make a purchase but I have been known to smuggle a dust bag into the house every so often as well. I eventurly feel guilty ad tell him. He sighs ... men don't understand.
  12. Not from my bf, but when I lived at home I used to from my mom all the time. She just didn't understand my purse obesession.
  13. They aren't hidden per se.
    They are nicely lined up in their boxes for the husband to peruse if he chooses.

    But yes, I did attempt to hide my first Gucci purse and he still hasn't figured out that the second one I bought (cream trim instead of brown) is a different purse. Coach he can handle, the Gucci and LV he looked at me like I was crazy.
  14. I don't have to hide them since my DH is always with me when I purchase a new bag and he actually supports me in my addiction!!! He is the bestest DH in the world!!! He even surprises me sometimes when I get home with little gifts he has bought me. He's a eBay addict LOL!!!
  15. No. I have never hidden any purchase from my husband, whether it be clothing, bags, shoes etc. I am a very indecisive person and contemplate and scrutinize every single purchase as if it is the last thing I'll ever buy. I always need a second opinion so I end up showing him everything I buy.