Do you ever have strangers ask you how much your LV was??

  1. Does this ever happen to you guys??? I have been asked more than once how much I have paid for one of my LV bags. Then when I tell them the cost, I usually get some dramatic reation or snotty comment. Last nite and I was out with DH and brought Sophie with us. While we were waiting to be seated, my husband noticed that some women were staring at my Sophie. Finally, one of the women said "That is such a great bag, how much did you pay for it?" I paused for a minute thinking that was pretty personal for a stranger to ask but my husband told her that Sophie was $400. After making a face, she commented that was alot to pay for such a little purse...Wha?? Me & hubby were shocked-we consider $400 a bargain for LV. Of course he let her know it was an LE item and I was worth it but still.....Has it happened to you?
  2. Ugh.
    I did friend and I were carrying our MC Almas (she had black, I had white) while we were outside of my class waiting for the professor to show up.
    Anyway this lady comes up to us and she goes, "Can I ask how much you paid for your bags?" And we look at each other and go "Um, $1200?"
    And she goes, "Man, you got ripped OFF, I can get you a duffle bag for forty bucks!!" We stood there and just said, "Um no that's ok."

    Ugh..ya we got ripped off..let me trade in my authentic bag for a $40 fake. :wtf:
  3. Ewwwwww, no!
  4. I have been asked and I sometimes dont mind, but I will usually tell them.
  5. sorry that happened to you - i'm still in disbelief every time i hear stories about people coming up and touching and judging based simply on your bag. but can i just say, your DH is so cute! i love how he was defending your LV and standing up for her, like how he said, oh it's LE and so worth it.....:p
  6. I haven't had complete strangers ask, but I have had co-workers & friends who have no clue about LV ask me...for the most part I say they were gifts. One co-worker asked how much my MC porte monnaie plat was and I said it was about $300 she almost feel out of her chair. I tried to explain I saved up my money for it and also said it is the same wallet I have already been using for almost 3 years so it is worth it to me.
  7. This kid in class asked me and he goes I bet it was a lot, I said the new retail price of my backpack which is now $1440.00 only because I didnt want them to look for it online or w/e and then tell me u paid less and have to explain myself...
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    It happens quite often, but i love the look on those pp when i tell them the price:graucho: ;most pp think it's a fake due to underestimate my age, but i never get tire of how high they can raise their eyebrow and low big their mouth can drop....
  9. Yeah people are always asking me, I don't care though. They always say a snotty comment afterwards, but I really don't give a care what they say and I just ignore them.
  10. All the time. I have no clue most of the time myself though, and that's what I tell them.
  11. All the time, I just say, 'probably more than I should have'....or 'too much'.
  12. I have never had a stranger ask me. My sister in law did ask but we are pretty close so it didn't bother me. I can't imagine what I would say if a stranger asked me.....that's rude.
  13. usually my friends ask me...but one time someone from church asked me and I just said "couple paycheques worth"....

  14. that's funny..she thought you bought a fake for $1200...duhhh..
  15. i've said- around the same as coach. ppl who ask aren't really into bags too much, and they know coach more so, and know that coach is pricier than your average purse. it seems to satisfy.