Do you ever go "visit" your next bag at the LV store?

  1. This week I bought a Hudson GM :love: but don't have it yet. (Its coming early next week:yahoo: !!). Tonight I was at the mall and HAD TO go to LV and try on the Hudson GM. LOL.

    Is it lame that I wanted to go visit my next bag?? lol. Have you ever done that?
  2. yes, yes, yes!!! :yahoo: :heart: i VISIT next bag all the time! :nuts:

    congrats on your Hudson GM! such a beautiful and practical bag!! :love: :flowers:
  3. lol. you are definately NOT alone.
  4. Ugh I do that all the time.
  5. me too!!! but i always ended up trying more bags and then getting confused about what i should get next.
  6. haha yes!! i live 8 blocks from the lv at macys and like 31 (or a few subway stops hehe) from LV 5th i visit often and its bad...
  7. I went to go visit the Sac a Dos Bosphore yesterday... :graucho:
  8. i wish i lived near enough to a store to try out bags :mad:
  9. OMG!! I am sooooo guilty of this. My thing is, "I'll just go in and look...........multiple LV's later, I'm learning that this "visiting" approach isn't working. :lol:
  10. yes yes yes! and also I always visit the elux lolz:roflmfao: is that counted?:confused1:
  11. totally always do it!!! hehehehe, its so much fun!!!
  12. It's so much fun! I was sure my next bag was going to be another Damier, either Saleya PM or Belem PM, but after my last 'visit', I've been convinced to go for a Segur MM.

    I wonder what other bags I'll discover on my trip visit!
  13. I do this too....I have a bag picked out to visit and then I walk out with something completely different!
  14. Yep - before I bought my Popincourt Haut, I tried her on my shoulder about 3 times before I bought her. Now, I need to pay a visit to my future Batignolles Horizontal!
  15. I can't even if I wanted :sad:
    The closest LV I have is an island hop away.
    But when I do get inside a LV store...I make up for the times I wasn't there ;) :lol:
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