Do you ever get unhappy with every LV bag you've got??

  1. Hi all!

    Well, here we go again! Okay, so I'm wondering if I am the only one or if any of you ever look at your collection (big or small) and say, "Yuc, I'm sick of all these bags"!

    Remember when I had like 4 different speedies? I really liked the speedies then I sold them all.

    Now, I mean, I like the bags I have now except now I keep thinking I am just not LOVING my bags and maybe I should go back to the speedies??

    Ugg!! I don't know...

    How about you guys?
  2. I am a very picky shopper. I never buy something unless I absolutely LOVE it. So this usually doesn't happen with me, but that doesn't mean that I don't understand how you feel. As humans we go through phases where our tastes change, etc... Maybe if feel like you want a speedy again, just buy one and try it out again :smile:
  3. I love all my bags, including old ones. I just match my bags w/ my outfits!
  4. ^
    I'm too a picky shopper. I have to weigh out the pros and cons before making the purchase. Even then I have to ask fellow TPFers if I made the right decision.

    If I'm unhappy with the bag, I simply return it or resell it.
  5. Yes, sometimes that way too. I think it's mostly about my moods, not my bags. lol
  6. I know what you mean - I have been that way with bags other than LV before. I will look in my closet and realize I hate all my bags! But with the few LV's I have I really love them. I got my speedy 25 last November and love it just as much if not more than when I got it. I do know what you mean though. Tastes change!
  7. I am that way with all my Coach purses. I think why did I buy all of them when I could have had LV's instead.

    My only LV that I do not LOVE (I only like it is) my Marrais which is the Damier petite bucket.
  8. I had so much LV bags, thath I sold on eBay after a few weeks or months, because they wasn't comfortable to use! I know most of the classic bags of LV, because I have bought all of them an I have made bad experiences with them. So I'm a little "expert" of so many bags! Now I know exactly for what I have to pay attention when I buy a new bag! Fortunately that's very good to saving my money!:yes:
  9. I know how you feel. Right now I'm feeling unhappy about my Epi Speedy 25. The opening is so narrow and since it's structured I get scratched just getting my wallet out!
  10. I love every single one of my LV bags....however, I hate all my other non-LV bags! The only exception are my samsonite travel bags; so sturdy and dependable!
  11. I love my lv bags.
  12. I do not even like the THOUGHT of returning or selling such an expensive item. Therefore, I am very sure when I make my LV purchase that it is going to stand "my test of time" standards.
  13. nah, I don't get these feelings... If I buy, it's because of LoVe, and therefore no regrets, remorse,...etc
  14. not the entire collection, just certain bags/ after I bought my damier kaola agenda, I ask myself why I even bought it since I dont' really use agendas...but it's so cute, so I'm *forcing* myself to use it now in the office...just jot down notes etc...also my warpity, I'm not using it as a camera case like I had planned...instead, I bought a cute hello-kitty now, the warpity is just sitting there...same goes for the pomme roxbury..haven't used it yet, cuz it's so "red" is a bit flashy for I'm still waiting for a good occasion to take it out...
  15. Traci you crack me up!!! ;) I kind of know how you feel only because I use to have TONS of bags (non LV) that I would look at on my shelf and wonder what am I doing with ALL these bags, and I hardly ever used them which drove me nuts just looking at them, so I ended up selling some at consignment stores and some on I only own 3 bags! I don't like having so FEW bags drives me crazy but I don't want to just go out and spend so much on something unless I have to have it or I can't live without it!! How many bags do you you just feel overwhealmed with so many? Maybe you can consolidate....sell the ones you don't use so much and invest in a classic, less common bag, like a Suhali piece?