Do you ever get tired of the bags out there?

  1. Does anyone ever get sick of seeing the same bags on everyone and everyhere? I went to Chicago this last weekend, and my hubby and I looked at EVERY bag out there from Chanel, Prada, LV, Gucci, Balanciaga, Choo (etc.) to Cole Hahn, Kooba, Kate Spade, (etc.). I have to say that by the end of the day I had a headache. There are beautiful bags out there to be sure, but the prices just seem so outrageous anymore. My own personal best bag is a LV, but I can't say I'm dying to purchase another one!

    I like to see something unique, and I just don't see it. I think the prices need to come down a bit too. I feel like I'm being gouged!
  2. I don't think I ever get tired of them, sometimes they just become a lot less important to me. When I'm busy with other things bags take the back seat. Then a new season starts or I get some free time and then it all starts again :rolleyes:
  3. Yes, I have to say...I've fallen out of love with handbags in general. I'd be happy if I could find something beautiful that was not so recognizable and expensive.
  4. I got tired of seeing the LV mono bags because everybody has one here especially the "bimbos". IMO it's to loud and flashy anyway so I prefer Non logo bags. That's why I love BV and Balenciaga.
  5. Not tired per se. There are just bags that doesn't appeal to me at all to begin with.
  6. When I get tired of the bags out there, I just make one... but that usually doesn't suppress the craving for another bag for too long... :Push:
  7. I just tired of certain bags and patterns/prints. I'm so sick of quality bags. It's like why bother? It's just classical Chanel. No one else should do it. Also, sick of certain shapes. The slouchy bags all over where I live.
  8. I can't say that I'm entirely tired of bags in general. Most people here in DC carry non-descript bags, so I feel like the ones I own are still pretty unique. You may see an occassional "IT" bag here, but most people tend to favor functional bags for work. The brands that I see over and over are Coach, Longchamp, and Vera Bradley.
  9. I'm not tired, but I obviously want to be different from other people. So when I see SO many people wearing Gucci or LV, I might not want them anymore
  10. I have been thinking of attempting this, or at least some 'inner' lazy to pull out the
  11. yeah, same here.

    i don't get tired of bags in general though, although i do lose it:cursing: when i see fakes........
    bags are eye candy to me:love: , i appreciate seeing them whether in a store window or carried by fabulous people.........
  12. I saw someone with my same patchwork coach bag the other day and I rannnnnn, oh it was like being at a party with someone with the same dress on oooooo!!!
  13. Got tired of seing at every corner of every street in Paris the "Charlotte" from G.Darel, like the Vanessa Bruno cabas a few years ago.......
    Beautiful bags but when it becomes so common you don't "see" it anymore. It's nothing special then. Everybody got one from the young fashionista to the old conservative woman.
  14. LV and Coach!!!!!!! I see atleast 10 of each every damn day. Wanna see more Spy bags! S'cuse me, AUTHENTIC Spy bags. :smile:
  15. I love seeing handbags...maybe I'm a little tired seeing D&B...but I'd really, really LOVE to see a birkin in real life!