Do You Ever Get Tired Of Bringing Your Bag To Work

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  1. Bwahahaha I love this.
  2. I had someone at work ask me "So who bought that purse for you because I know you didn't buy it on your starbucks wages"

    I was like umm who are you to tell me what my wages can buy? I pay for all my school with no loans (although I am going to a community college right now), my car is paid for, I'm living at home. What I choose to do with my spending money is my choice. I save my money so that I can buy nice things instead of wasting it on other things.
  3. No one has ever commented on my Lvs b/c I usually keep my bag locked up while I am at work. I don't really need to carry it around where I work, and no one really notices it when I show up for the day.

    I have heard some nasty comments about a poor abused mono alma that a coworker of mine carries everywhere at work. She makes an abnoxious point of trying to show off her LV, so people talk.
  4. LOL How snobby of you to read a book while working in a bookstore!
  5. Nope, because almost all the ladies at work wear LV, Chanel, Dior or Fendi. :smile:
  6. Now days I am alone for the most part, due to the nature of my work. In the past when I was in an office, I tended not hear or pay attention to negativity. The staff/employees picked up on that about me really fast. I guess I have a vibe, so I have been told, not to cross the line. The funny thing is...I was the first one to donate or help a co-worker in need. I am quick to care about others but also was known for not allowing catty people access to me.
  7. I always carry LV to work, I've recently started a new job, I've had a few comments about my bag, nothing *****y but I'm sure somethings are said behind my back. A few people have been fishing for info as to how I afford my bags and shoes, I got asked if I payed my dad rent and how much!!!
  8. i get the looks. few will will say anything to me b/c they would have to deal with my response. i dont even take mine anymore. i just carry my wallet
  9. i take mine and haven't had any really snide comments. i did have a comment that the woman swears she didn't mean it in an ugly way: she said my brown watercolor speedy looked like a child had taken markers and drawn all over it! as soon as she saw the look on my face (complete and utter shock) she tried to backtrack and make it sound like it wasn't a bad thing. since i know she's not familiar with LV bags i let it go ... after i explained to her (and yes, i was a little condesending) that it was a limited edition bag from the 2008 fall/winter runway show and designed by the american artist Richard Prince!
  10. I love this! :P
  11. No job here, I wonder how it would feel to carry the bag on an interview. I guess it depends on the job and the people.
    I have to think up things to do in order to leave the house and get out of yoga pants. Maybe I should get a job, just to carry my bags more.:graucho:

  12. lol!
  13. I don't care what anyone thinks. I love my bags, I pay a lot for them and I am going to enjoy them, I don't carry them for anyone else
  14. I never get negative comments to my face. That may be because most folks where I work (higher ed) wouldn't know a designer bag if they fell over it - except for the students!! :lol: So I have no hesitation about wearing any of my designer bags to work.
  15. most of the people in my office wouldn't know what an LV bag looked liked besides the mono.