Do You Ever Get Tired Of Bringing Your Bag To Work

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  1. Lol! :lol:

    Seriously, though, in opinion, we should all be able to carry OUR LV bags anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're a student, intern, full-time employee, contractor, CEO of the company or in the bottom of the corporate food chain--as long as it's an appropriate environment (meaning you don't work in say, a building construction site where you at the high risk of ruining your bag!), we should be able to tote around our designer stuff. :queen:
  2. I am fortunate to have nice colleagues who would only admire and not pass any sarcastic or rude comments, well, at least not that I am aware of. Those close to me understand my passions.
  3. I carry my Trevi everyday to work and I have gotten comments on it before.. But I am letting them all get used to seeing it and I don't change my bag on purpose so they assume it's my one and only one. I figure life is too short and I would rather carry my LV all the time instead of waiting for weekends.
  4. I am a consultant, so people I guess assume I make alot of money. I have never heard any comments. Maybe they do behind my back,,, honestly, at this point in my life I don't care one way or the other. I buy what I like and can afford, and if a certain item will make me happy -- I get it (within my financial means of course). I am not waiting for other people's approval/disapproval - life is way too short for that.

    Enjoy your life and life's little pleasures!
  5. I once heard two ladies giggle when i walked past them with my Galliera GM. I am sure they laughed because they assumed it was fake. But I had the last laugh because of their ignorance of my authentic bag. :lol:

    I chalk it all up to jealousy.
  6. Ugh I have one particularly catty coworker. She knows I buy bags on ebay and have them shipped to my office because no one's home to sign. She is the one who signs for all the deliveries and when I get something she never tells me, just leaves it in the lobby. For anyone else she'll take it to their office. I either have to check the lobby when I know something's due, or someone else happens to notice it and tells me. I don't flaunt my bags and I don't even take most of my new ones to work so she doesn't even know about some of the nicer ones I have. I get skewered in the gossip sessions if I carry a 10 year old ebay find so I can imagine what would be said about my Suhali Lockit or Trevi PM. I get so tired of the eighth-grade behavior but I work hard and pay my taxes (Miss Catty has some tax and debt issues) so I just try to ignore it and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I try to act professionally and not sink to the level of jealous people who want to bring down anyone who in their opinion is more privileged. that I've gotten this off my chest, maybe I will carry the Lockit tomorrow!
  7. Who cares what other people think? I feel like a broken record, but if you're so worried about what someone else has to say about your bag, don't buy it or bring it.
  8. i personally don't care about not-so-nice remarks from other people about carrying an LV -- there are just a few who always seem to be that way when someone carries a designer bag. however - the reason why i get tired of bringing an lv to work is that i always get conscious that i don't bang the vachetta into corners which would cause damage to it :biggrin:
  9. I am sooooo not the one for snide comments or stupid questions cause my mouth has no filter .... I was once told "your bag is gorgeous how do you do afford it"
    My answer ..... "I sell my a** on weekends, I can give u a business card if u know anyone" .. Needless to say everyone after that minded their own.
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    It's not about worrying what somebody has to say, it's just that sometimes one just want some peace and quiet or at the very least be left alone and not being heckled for carrying designer handbags. Believe me, I'll put any ***** in her place if she's being catty/cutty at my expense!
  11. How funny!!!
  12. I love this response - you smile & with dignity tell them to mind their own business and do their own research!!
  13. Fortunately, I work in fashion so we all have our designer splurges at my work place. I work with an older lady that's a little farther in life and if anything I drool over what she wears: a black leather Gucci Indy, designer leather jackets and killer shoes (mostly all Prada, Gucci, Loeffler Randall).

    The only time I've gotten some petty stares is when certain customers see me coming back from my break or out with my fiance all dressed up. Which is so weird to me that it would bother some people that someone in the retail industry would have nice stuff? It's just stuff and most of my special pieces were generous gifts, that I appreciate and use often like the giver would like to see me do.
  14. :smash: Kudos to you for putting up with her. She just shames herself by doing that.
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    It's funny, when I was working at a bookstore before college I would take books like Moby Dick and read them during my break. I became an english literature major later focussing on victorian and regency lit. But people would say that I would read these really fat classic books to show off which was so funny to me because I had always been a voracious reader and I love classic literature. But people always make judgements about other people by their own standards and problems and biases. So whether it's books, or bags, people will always give others a hard time based on their own hang ups. There was no way I was going to start reading Cliff's notes just to appease my co-workers and we shouldn't have to carry a muslin tote just to be free of abuse at the office.