Do You Ever Get Tired Of Bringing Your Bag To Work

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  1. and get *****ed about? I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this matter. I sometimes get snide comments and dirty looks for taking my bag to work for no reason. Maybe I just have petty and catty coworkers.
  2. I have heard other people talk of similar stories. It's so sad that people have to be petty like that...and really its so embarrassing to be like that. I am an intern and a student this semester and I honestly never carry my LVs to campus. I do always have my Sarah wallet though. However, when I go to my internship I even leave my Sarah in the glove compartment because I know someone will take it if they find out I have it. So I maintain a very low profile with LV. I usually take my LVs out more comfortably on the weekends etc. but I think you should be able to carry what you want to work...I know when I have a job I want to be able to carry LV there.
  3. No they just say let me see your bag and how much and I smile and tell them go to the store and find out.
  4. There was a lady at my job who made a nasty comment to someone I am close to (she did not know it) about the fact that I carry Louis Vuitton. "How does he afford LV doing what he does? I am a Senior Marketing... and he's just a Buyer's Assistant." I laughed when I heard this. Just because I do not make hundreds of thousands a year, does not mean that I cannot afford LV. Some people just have no class. I have made sure to carry a different bag to work each day just to piss her off. ;)
  5. Lol! I love it!
  6. One time, a coworker blatantly blurted " OMG, LV? Is this real?" With matching sarcastic look. I then replied... "I can fake everythinh even my response to you right now... in fact even my orgasm but never my bags..."
    She was so pissed off, to this day she does not talk to me... not my lost either.
  7. :roflmfao: I love this!!!
  8. Kind of. Many people at work have LVs but for some reason, people make comments about it every day. Like the boss "am I paying you too much that you can afford LV?" I bring them anyway, because I don't own anything else and won't buy something I like less just to appease others.
  9. My glad you do, feel free to use it anytime. HAhahahhahha:P
  10. Lol... that's hilarious. :P
  11. I've never gotten tired of carrying my bags... There are times I just choose not to out of convenience, depending on things I will have to do afterward. A few times, I've had to promote my job at minor league baseball games, so I would bring non-descript bags just to make sure my LVs were safe (if that makes sense). =D
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    love it!!!!!! :rochard:
  13. .
  14. I like this answer! :P
  15. People at my job know that I am into handbags and jewelry. I'm pretty frugal with everything else. I've never had anyone say anything snide or rude. I work in a small office though and the warehouse side is all men and they definitely don't care. I never tire of carrying my bags. I have different designers too and I rotate my bags constantly. I am one of the youngest in the office and I am 35 so perhaps the fact that I do not work in a young office comes into play too. If someone had something to say it would irritate me. I am also married so how would they know how my finances are handled???