Do you ever get offended when the SA never recognizes you?

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how many times I need to go into a store before the SA ladies recognize me. There is a small boutique/consignment store I love to shop at and I know they get a lot of business but I go in there every single week for the last few months and I still get the basic tour on where everything is. The closest I got to being recognized was when I was looking at some jewelry and one of them said ‘you’ve been here before haven’t you?’ but that’s it. I try to chat with them, be friendly and make basic conversation but nothing. I admit I'm shy by nature but I do try. What’s worse is that I see them calling people that come into the store by name, asking about their mother and all that jazz. I see the same three SA each and every time I go in there too.

    Am I expecting too much? Is this something that just takes a lot of time and to keep at it.

    Any one else get this problem or had it happen to you?
  2. My level of Care ( for sa response ) is at about 0.1 so this is a good question. But if your SA doesn't live up to expectations, go somwhere else, End of story.
  3. You could just ask for a business card and then introduce yourself..
  4. I'm not easily offended by something like that. There are stores I frequently shop at, but considering the amount of traffic they get, I wouldn't expect them to remember me. Again, it might be different for you since it's a smaller boutique (not sure how busy they are?). I've worked in retail in the past, and even I remember names and faces after awhile. Not everyone is like that, though. It's just not really a big deal to me.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm satisfied as long as they acknowledge me by saying hello and/or asking if I need any assistance.
  5. Christine: I don't want to go elsewhere, this is a great store and I find all sorts of deals in it. I probably buy something 70% of the time.

    bisousx: I will try that sometime, it's a good idea.

    siworae: they are small and they get a steady amount of traffic, not packed but probably two other customers in there when I go. They do say hello and are friendly which is nice, and are helpful if I need anything.
  6. They could know those other customers personally and tha'ts why they ask about their families. You can't always expect an SA to remember you by name when they see a lot of customers daily. I know my customers that are in my store all the time by name but that's because I have to look them up in the computer before I check them out.
  7. ^ That's very true. I guess I just wish since I do go there all the time I would get something in acknowledgment. I also know they keep their eye out for things that come in that certain people would be interested in and then let them know about it. I would love to have that.
  8. I'm the exact opposite. Whenever I go shopping and run into SAs I've seen before, I never expect them to remember me and am usually suprised when they do.

    This of course excludes SAs I've had longstanding relationships with and always buy from directly.
  9. I never really had a problem people usually remembr my face, which could be a bad thing I guess, but anyhow, I don't think it's a big deal. The itms you get are whats interesting no?
  10. I like when SAs remember me, but it doesn't offend me if they don't - I'm always surprised when people remember me cos I'm such a nobody LOL!

    Perhaps they do remember you but don't acknowledge it (too embarrassed, don't want to embarras you etc)? I know when I was a SA when I was younger, I would recognise regulars all the time, but felt silly saying "Hey, back again?!" or something that might embarrass the customer.
  11. i'm not offended at all. in fact, it would be a first, because SA's ALWAYS recognize me because i always shop with my twin sister and i guess two girls who look alike are easy to remember. lol. that's probably the ONLY reason they remember me. lots of SAs see tons of ppl on a daily basis, it's hard to remember unless something super distinct about their physical appearance acts as a reminder.

    but once a week for a couple months? hmm. maybe they're just especially forgetful? lol. i wouldn't take offense, i'm 99% sure that it's nothing personal :smile:
  12. I am so the opposite. I'm embarrassed when they recognize me because it means I'm shopping too much. There's a big baby store that knows me and a Chinese Restaurant that knows me by name too. I always feel like, "Man... I must come here too much then." The baby store and the Chinese Restaurant I would go to about once a month, but I don't go anywhere else more frequently... well, maybe Williams Sonoma or TJ Maxx/Marshall's.
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    I don't know. I sometimes prefer anonymity when I'm shopping, honestly. I love the ladies at the Coach Outlet store here, but I'm really sick and tired of every time I go in there they want to chit-chat with me. I know that sounds really mean, and it isn't. I'm very friendly, of course, but sometimes I just want to shop without being bothered.

    I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to that.

    However, if you were spending a lot of money in there on a weekly basis, then the fact that nobody recognizes you would definitely bug me. Especially when they give you the same tour that they give new customers all the time. That's called laziness on their part. IDK, if it bugs you that much, just step up and say something. You could always say, "You know, I appreciate the time you're taking to give me the tour, but considering I shop here on a weekly basis, I think it's a waste of your time, as well as mine, when we could be looking at new merchandise together...."

    Or something along those lines..

    I guarantee after that, they'll recognize you.

    Or it could just be something as simple as they forgot your name and they're embarrassed???
  14. I am the same way. I prefer to go undetected when I shop. It's wierd. I think it's part of a social anxiety thing I have going on. I am VERY shy (to the point my hubby used to call me an introvert) until I REALLY get comfortable with that particular person. I also don't like going into small boutiques or shops unless I know I'm going to buy something, because I feel like the SA's focus is solely on me, and then I feel wierd if I don't buy something.
  15. Wonder if it's because your face isn't one that 'stands out' so to speak? Also, people often are remembered because they stood out in some way, and if you're a shy person who doesn't really make waves, you may not be the type people pick out of a crowd.

    Hope this comes across ok. Don't mean to insinuate that you're not memorable, but maybe not when you're out shopping!