Do you ever get looks......

  1. Do you ever get looks when you are carrying an LV bag, especially the mono line? It is so annoying......There are those busy checking me out, wondering real or fake. Then there are others including friends wondering why I would want to spend so much on a bag. While at the playground with my daughter, some kid threw some dirt into my open top BH while playing, I did not mind, it was an accident, but from the corner of my eye, I could see one of the mothers chuckling away :cursing: .
  2. i get those all the time, and i know they're thinking it's fakety-fake-fake, probably because where i live fakes are rampant :lol:
  3. omg I hate the looks I get too

    then again I would not have been appreciative about the kiddie throwing dirt or sand
  4. the other mom chuckling away sounds downright spiteful! what a HORRIBLE woman!
  5. Maybe it was because you took your LV to the playground. Maybe that had something to do with it?
  6. ^^ it shouldn't really matter where she brings it.. not trying to betray my own gender, but women in general can be extremely catty.
  7. lol i look at peoples bag, but thats mostly for eyecandy and usually real or fake, i just do it reflexively...
  8. People hardly ever notice what I'm carrying.. except my dad, he mostly notices that it seems to be all brand name and he's wondering where I get it from. :angel:
  9. I went to the playground after picking my daughter up, right after work. Anyway, I don't see why that should be a problem. We live very close to the playground and was just stopping by for 15min before going home.
  10. :lol: Sometimes I look at a person's bag to see if it is authentic, just like sometimes people look at my bag to see if it is authentic. Just the other day, I saw an administrator walking down the hallway of my school, carrying a mono bucket. Well, a fake mono bucket. A terrible fake. Anyway, I couldn't help but look.
  11. Yep. The girl looked at my bag, then me. Probably wondering if it's fake or not, but oh well, what matters is I know I'm wearing the real deal.
  12. Yeah I get looks too but I look at other's bags as well so it'd be kind of weird for me to say I don't like when my bag gets looked at lol.
    I haven't had anyone say anything about them being fake or not and I hope no one ever does.
  13. YES they can and it is downright horrid!
  14. :yes:
  15. I see it everyday and it starts young! I would be quite a hypocrite, though, if I were to say that I have never been guilty of cattiness (but I usually containg my snarkiness to celebrities.)