Do you ever get in trouble with your SO overyour new purchases?

  1. I am just wondering if any of you other ladies :: sometimes :: might get into a bit of hot water over certian expendatures. My dear fiance made the mistake of looking at my bank statement and I think he passed out ( my poor dear is a biiiiiit of a tightwad...ok he makes Scrooge seem like a big spender) The poor dear thinks I should be SAVING ton put my money in some stuffy savings account for "blah blah blah .. future... blah blah blah .. retirement.... I always have to remind him that it is cruel and unusal punishment to keep my money locked up in some miserable prision , when it wants to be FREE! It wants to run along the isles Of Neiman Marcus and Saks where it can one day become a Chanel or Marc Jacobs or Fendi ! ......Then I think he passed out again .
    - How about you ladies? :amuse:
  2. hahhaha.....thank goodness my bf has no say Yet! I buy and do what I please! However when it comes to his electronic purchases, which can get kind of pricey, I don't say a word!
  3. LOL. My husband craps everytime he sees something new. I do manage, however, to weasel out of it.
  4. I dont think mine will ever really understand ... he would be happy with the same wardordrobe for years .. and a matress full of 10s and 20s he can sleep on like a dragon gaurding it's hoard !
  5. Too funny.
    My bf doesn't mind when i make new purchases. He ussually says: "if you like it, buy it". hehehheh...
  6. my last bf had no say, it's my money. and i can't imagine i'd ever date anyone who thought they had any right to tell me how to spend my money. i don't tell them resotring antique cars and having 8 guitars is a waste of money.
  7. I've had boyfriends shake their heads, probably secretly thinking, "Note to self: Don't marry this crazy girl with thousand dollar handbags."
  8. LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The bf and I don't really share funds as of yet, only to pay the bills. But he sometimes pitches a small fit when he sees something new. I'll hear, "What bag is that?" and I'll say, "Uhhhh..." and start thinking of excuses :P I think the worst was when I bought the Chanel tote last month. I had to pick it up at the store, and I got stuck in traffic on the way home. We were supposed to leave for Gainesville to see a show, and we left late because I had to have the darn bag :shame: We missed the opening band, the one he wanted to see the most. He was pissed :shame: Thank goodness they're coming to Orlando soon! :P
  9. so long as i have enough money for my daily expenses my bf doesn't really care...i guess it goes in part that he spends on cars and just works all day..he wants me to be happy and i suppose feels bad that he can't spend the time he wants to with me. but he does get a lil'miffed when i bring home a similiar bag (read: several versions of the lv pochette) and just chalks it up to me wasting his money. he always notices when i have something new hiding it is out of the picture!
  10. I dont work...SO my hubby knows EVERY ITTY BITTY amount that I spend...which is soooooo not good!!!!!!!
    He evil eyes EVERY new bag that comes into the house.I get back at him by educating my 9 year old daughter in fashion....she had a new tennis coach this week and the first thing she says to her coach is have the new LUXE Chanel tote mom has the black and LOVES IT!!she knew the brand and make and watching my hubby almost keel over when she said it was sooooooooooo FUNNY!!!Yes..There is an evil side to everyone....!HEE!HEE! LOL!
  11. DH has no say in what I buy.
  12. LOL! People I know get so mad at me because I just can't relate to this. My husband LOVES to shop and he loves to shop for me. He's just built that way. He wants me to have everything I want. Sometimes, even more than I want it! He calls boutiques and orders things that I ask for even, (while sitting in the hair salon waiting for me to get my hair done - he called and ordered my skull scarf from Alexander McQueen without me even knowing). He's just a great guy like that and I'm very very fortunate to have him!

    But that's just the way we are together! When we travel, he has just as much fun shopping for himself at Gucci or Vuitton or wherever. I guess I married someone just as passionate about fashion and shopping as I am! can start throwing things at me now...I'm done... :smile:
  13. Like Jill I dont work. My husband pays the credit card bills but luckily he doesnt really inspect them. I think he looks at the total amount and if that amount is what it usually is he doesnt ask any questions. I do pull this scam with him often: I will ask him about three months before Mothers Day. Could you get me this LV bag ($1000) for Mothers day?? He agrees no problem..then forgets about it. Then like a week before Mothers Day I say "Oh I found what I want for Mothers Day" he says oh ok! I do this pretty much every major holiday....HEE HEE Its been going on for years. Either he knows and doesnt care...or the age difference between us is in my favor! :lol: ]
    Do you know how busted some of us would be if our SO read the boards?

  14. :lol: Same here!! Then 'rolls the eyes'... then I wait for the "If I see one more bag ....... ". In jest, I created a contract that basically said 'No more bags EXCEPT for .....' and then signed it and slid it in his laptop. He didn't find it humorous. :biggrin:
  15. Not really. He did recently request that I not spend over $1100 on a single bag since he's in school & I'm working and going to school, and I really don't have problem with that condition. He has his fun stuff & expensive stuff too, so it all works out in the end.