Do you ever get frustrated shopping for that one special piece?

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  1. It could be any piece of jewelry: rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc...

    Right now I have to replace a pair of earrings that I've worn nearly every day for a decade and I just can't find anything to suit me. I'm so frustrated! I never thought it would be this hard! Yes, I could get the same pair secondhand, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around paying double or more for the same earrings. So... I thought I'd get something similar for around that price, but nope... can't find anything I like. Everything is too expensive.

    How long does the search continue?:tumbleweed:
  2. I completely understand, and the gold prices going up so much certainly doesn't make the search any easier!

    I hope you can find a suitable replacement for your earrings soon...good luck!
  3. What happened to your every day earrings? I agree it is hard to find just the right piece of jewelry for an acceptable price these days. I sometimes long for a certain piece but when I get it, I'm already wanting something else either to go with it or more than what I got (or so I think). Hanging out here doesn't help either! I like a lot of your jewelry though Junkenpo-especially your VCA!
  4. Nothing was as difficult as shopping for a diamond upgrade. I literally spent MONTHS learning about diamonds, and then my DH surprised me and bought a ring without my knowledge. We discovered that the ring wasn't what we were led to believe it was, returned it and my search for a diamond began in earnest again. The ring has still not arrived (the setting had to be made in YG instead of white), so this won't be "over" until I see it with my own eyes. When we first shopped for an engagement ring 15+ years ago, neither of us knew the first thing about diamonds. It was price and what was available in stores - so much simpler then!
  5. Why don't you save up for onyx VA ear clips?
    A dear tpf friend is going to post my mod photo of the yg ear clips for you....

    What about the small yg frivole earrings? While I have the large pair, ever since I saw them on Kimber in real life I have been obsessed with them. They are so perfect.
  6. For me, i find it frustrating when i am trying (and failing) to find a specific design i want. A couple of years ago, i got obsessed about getting a "puffy" heart pendant set with pave diamonds. For some weird reason, it has to be a fat, "puffy" heart, not a flat one. And it has to be pave diamonds. I had a something specific in mind but i simply couldn't find it anywhere. There were tonnes of heart pendants out there but not a single one was exactly what i had in mind. It was terribly frustrating.

    After many months of searching i finally did find what i was looking for and it was by accident. I had almost given up then. I was so happy!

    So dont give up, with some patience you'll eventually find your earrings
  7. Constantly. See any of my setting/wedding band drama.
  8. the only frustrating experience I have is finding original or good quality pieces at any non-designer stores. almost all family owned stores and chain stores have the same merchandise/ designs/ quality and it's so boring!!
  9. Junkenpo,

    Sometimes, we are looking for something that we only once seen its hard to find another pair of it. That's why every time I see a very nice jewelry regardless of the price, i but two of it. Or maybe same design but different color.
    Search might take long Junkenpo, patience :smile:
  10. Well it isn't that difficult as you are trying to portray it to be. I have faced such situation in the past and sooner or later I got the item that I wanted. You just need to make your mind about your mind about your preferred choice.
  11. :hugs: I think if you are looking for a pair of earrings like the ones you had, that probably feels more pressured than say, looking for a perfect pendant when you've never had one. Or keeping your eyes open for a really nice dress ring just because you've decided it's time for one.

    I guess what I mean is, if you're replacing something that is a 'staple' of your jewellery wardrobe then the pressure is definitely ON! If it's just jewellery browsing for a new special something, then for myself at least I definitely feel less stressed about it.

    I think I get stressed once I've decided what it is that I want, then there is honestly no calming me down until it is MINE!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  12. Can you post a picture of the earring you lost- maybe we can figure out something similar.
  13. Yep! Always. Right now it's a tennis bracelet. It sounds easy but I have a very small wrist and i have very specific specs regarding this bracelet. Having one made is so much more expensive in my country. *sigh*, the search goes on!