Do you ever get compliments on your LV???

  1. If so, is it someone wearing LV or SAs? Also, which purse have you had the MOST compliments on? :flowers:
  2. the only compliments i got on it were from my friends who knew how badly i wanted it and were excited for me.

    the bags i actually get the most compliments on my random lowend bags from outlets. :smile: i think because they're red for the most part and therefore eyecatching.
  3. Come to think of it, the bag I've gotten the most compliments on was this bag I bought from Target. Everyone would always ask me where I got it, lol. I wish I could take a picture to show you all but its in NC right now (I'm in FL).

    PS. I dont currently own any LV.
  4. My epi pochette in black. I dunno - just random people commenting on it. Most of them don't know that it's a vuitton..
  5. Weird thing is that I don't get compliments on my LV except from some family members who are LV addicts but I don't think they count. I want compliments from other people!! :lol: I usually get compliments for my non-designer bags.
  6. The SA's always say they like my bag...but they're probably just trying to make me feel good so I'll be happy to part with more money lol!
  7. I have gotten compliments on my Manhattan PM bag, from other people w/ LV and from a couple of SA's. I have never gotten a compliment yet on my White MC Trouville! (Well, except from you guys!) And I received my first compliment on my ceresis cles from a classmate. Most people just look at it, but don't say anything, which makes me very self-consious.
  8. I have received compliments about my poids plume, sac de nuit MM and baggy gm:smile:
  9. Random people have commented my Mono Mini Sac, telling me it's so cute and what a beautiful miniature with a small lock etc. :biggrin:

    But most people I know only comment on the price when they see me carry one, like 'that must've been very expensive, huh?' :rolleyes:
  10. I got compliments on my Hudson from friends. Normally, people don't say anything - just STARE! I sometimes feel so weird... I went in a local supermarket w/ my black MC Alma (I live in a really small town where you rarely see LV's) and the woman on the cash point looked at my Alma, then at me and then stared at my bag again...
  11. I never gotten any compliment at all. Gergirl is right, people don't say anything. They just stare-thinking it's a fake?
  12. I get complements from the people I know at work. The rest just love to stare.
  13. I think strangers don't compliment designer handbags in general because they don't want to inflate our heads. :lol: Most people can't afford LV bags and resent those who can. It's human nature. So if they resent you, will they compliment you? Probably not. It sounds cynical but unfortanately it is the truth. It is some weird jealousy thing that women always seem to have for one another. :hrmm:

    Now LV luvin' strangers will definitely compliment you because they appreciate beautiful bags and understand that when you get complimented you are happy they recognize your good taste, not the fact that you can afford it! There are some pretty ugly things out there that are ridiculously expensive that we'd never buy just because it was $$$. :yes:

    And of course, family and friends always compliment. But that's because they know LV makes you happy and whatever makes you happy makes them happy! :love:
  14. I get the most compliments on my Cerises Speedy. Mostly it's from cashiers when I take my matching wallet out to pay for something. Sometimes they know that it's a designer LV but mostly I don't think they do. I hear a lot of "you have cherries on your purse!" or "your wallet matches your purse, how cute." or something like that. I have had a couple of people follow me in the mall to tell me they love my bag, etc. Where I get my hair done, the girls there look forward to seeing what bag I have and they will take turns carrying it around the salon, but that's different since they know me.
  15. I don't get too many compliments from people with the exception of my SAs and some people in Nordies or other high end stores. I think I get a lot more staring than anything else.